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8 Best Sneaker Brands To Wear With A Suit

Classic sneakers worthy of a suit

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Suits with sneakers. It’s a concept that still escapes many men today who believe that formal and casual should never mix. Well, we’re here to tell you that the two can indeed play nice together if you get the stylish formula right.

Choosing The Right Sneakers

When choosing a sneaker to go with your suit it’s critical to consider colours and material. The most versatile suit sneakers are usually the most muted ones. This is because the casual suited look is intended to exude effortless style rather than gain attention through loud colours.

As such, we recommend you leave the serious neon marathon runners out of your suit wardrobe. Instead, opt for casual sneakers which are more lifestyle focused than performance-focused. Leather is always a no-brainer.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal pair of sneakers, taking inspiration from the list below, then check out our complete guide telling you how to wear sneakers with a suit.

Sneaker colours that work well for suits are:

You can also try brighter colours like red, green, and yellow but caution must be exercised as these colours need careful consideration pairing with your suit of choice. You don’t want to look like a traffic light.

Choosing The Right Suit

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when talking about suit and sneaker pairings, so the easiest rule to remember is this: no sneakers with tuxedos, as they are reserved for cocktail events only.

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