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10 Best Green Sneakers That’ll Make Everyone Envious

Add a splash of colour to your looks with the best green sneakers and green shoes for men.

10 Best Green Sneakers That’ll Make Everyone Envious

Who would have ever thought that when Kermit the Frog sang “it’s not easy being green”, he was predicting how the best green sneakers would feel in the 21st century. White sneakers have been the colour of choice for everyday kicks for some time now, and you honestly can’t leave the house these days without seeing people sporting a pair of them.

And don’t get us wrong, we love white sneakers; they’re popular for a reason with their versatility and minimalistic cool factor… but we also agree with Kermit: green is beautiful. The best green sneakers for men can really shake up your look and give you the streetwear style credentials a white sneaker never could.

If you’re still unsure about rocking a pair of green sneakers, don’t forget there are so many different shades of green. A deep shade of green such as khaki or forest green is very subtle and versatile, perfect for those a little apprehensive of wearing a sneaker that’s not white. But there are also awesome, vibrant shades of green, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd because you’re so cool and bold for repping them.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve rounded up the very best green sneakers for men on the market, that will take your wardrobe to the next level. Trust us, once you dive in and get your first pair of men’s green sneakers, you’ll never look back.