Best Restaurants Adelaide: Our Guide To The Best Places To Eat In Adelaide

The foodie's ultimate guide to the best restaurants in Adelaide.

Not only does Adelaide play home to one of the best wine regions of the world in the Barossa Valley, but it has some of the best restaurants that you simply must try if you ever plan on visiting – or if you live there and simply had no idea what was on your doorstep.

We’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants in Adelaide awaiting your custom, covering all manner of cuisines and with décor that will have your jaw dropping to the floor as soon as you step inside.



4 East Terrace, Adelaide, 5000


08 8223 3885


Anyone can do Italian or Asian cuisine, but not many restaurants cover African, at least in our experience. Africola, then, is a place you need to visit. Easily one of the best restaurants in Adelaide, Africola puts a decidedly modern spin on traditional food and includes dishes such as woodfired cauliflower with tahini cream and agrodolce; a sweet and sour cream from Italy.

Pizza e Mozzarella Bar



33 Pire Street, Adelaide, 5000


08 8164 1003

Who doesn’t love pizza? You could easily settle for something cheap and from a chain takeaway, but if you want really good pizza, then you need to check out Pizza e Mozzarella Bar. Consistently regarded as one of the very best restaurants Adelaide has to offer, predominantly because of its hand-stretched dough that is left to ferment for 48 hours, Pizza e Mozzarella Bar does pizza like you’ve never had before. The result is a delightfully digestible base that won’t leave you feeling stodgy and bloated.



1/285 Rundle Street, Adelaide, 5000


08 8232 3444

Meaning “welcome” in some Aboriginal dialects, owner and head chef Jock Zonfrillo and his team want to welcome everybody into the dining room of one of the best restaurants in Adelaide. Mainly Indigenous ingredients are used throughout the menu, as Jock wishes to put an emphasis on food that is Australian through-and-through. It’s certainly paid off for him, as Orana has been voted Australian Restaurant of the Year in 2018 and 2019 by Gourmet Traveller and Good Food Guide.

Singapore House


203 Glen Osmond Road, Frewville, 5063


08 8379 4405

Just one look at the reviews for Singapore House and you’ll soon realise this is one of the best restaurants Adelaide lays claim to being home to. As the name suggests, this is an Asian eatery, and before you even get to the food you’ll be amazed by the architecturally-designed dining room. While it can cater to couples on a date, Singapore House is definitely geared more towards group dining. We’ll give you time to salivate over the menu.

Golden Boy


309 North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000


08 8227 0799

Golden Boy is another Asian restaurant (Adelaide is quite simply full of them) but one that serves up incredibly delicious food. The menu is a little more compact than those of some other restaurants, but it makes choosing a dish much easier. If for some reason you can’t decide, then you can opt for the “Tuk Tuk”, a set menu that your waiter will curate to the tastes and dietary requirements of you and your table.



17 Leigh Street, Adelaide, 5000


08 8366 2224

If you still can’t quite decide which Asian restaurant you want to dine out at this weekend, may we suggest Shoboso, which serves up Japanese cuisine that is out of this world? Using ancient methods of cooking involving smoke, steam and fire combined with modern finesse, Shoboso is able to create dishes such as Yakitori (skewered chicken) that is the restaurant’s piece de resistance. The rest of the menu, naturally, makes for impressive reading, and if you’re able to get a booking you should definitely pay a visit.



52 Western Branch Road, Lobethal, 5241


08 8189 4500

No visit to Adelaide would be complete without venturing out the Adelaide Hills and the incredible array of wineries it has to offer. One such winery you should visit is Goldings Wine, and once you’ve sampled a few delicious grape varietals, take a seat at the recently opened Ginkgo restaurant. Locally-sourced ingredients are the order of the day, with much of the menu being created with ingredients from South Australia. You shouldn’t just visit Ginkgo for the food though, as the views of the rolling Adelaide Hills are to die for.

Peel St


9 Peel Street, Adelaide, 5000


08 8231 8887

Peel Street is the place to go in Adelaide if you’re after a few cocktails, but it’s also home to the Peel St restaurant, which just so happens to be one of the best restaurants Adelaide is home to. It’s certified high-end, but without the pretentiousness, you might expect from such an establishment. In fact, you’re treated to a completely laid-back vibe as soon as you walk in, with staff more than happy to cater to your every whim. Food is as fresh as you like, with the menu taking inspiration from Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, to create dishes that you shoot to the top of your “best things ever eaten” lists.

Press Food & Wine


40 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, 5000


08 8211 8048

That’s probably enough exotic cuisine for a while, time to move on to something meatier. Press says its custom char-grill is an integral part of the kitchen, and with a menu that includes Middle Eastern beef tartare, a roast pork bun and its own signature burger, it’s easy to see why. You can even try offal if you wish. The venue itself is all vaulted ceilings, lashings of wood and bare brick wall. A visit to Press is as much about the experience as it is the food.

Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant


78 Penfold Road, Adelaide, 5072


08 8301 5551

Money no object? Good. The Magill Estate restaurant at the Penfolds winery is where you go when you really want to spoil yourself. Naturally, Penfolds wines are paired with dishes and the dégustation (seven courses over roughly three hours) is presented with such finesse that you immediately see where your money is going. Ingredients are primarily sourced from South Australia and the venue within which you consume them is oh-so classy.

Best Restaurants In Adelaide FAQ

What is Adelaide famous food?

When in Adelaide, you must try the pie floater - a meat pie served in a bowl of pea soup. This traditional dish was recognized by the National Trust as South Australian Heritage Icon in 2013.

How much to tip in Australian restaurants?

Australia has no set expectations when it comes to tipping. However, a 10% to 20% tip as a reward for excellent service is always appreciated.

How much does an average meal cost in Australia?

An average meal is Australia will cost you about $15 to $20 AUD. If you are planning to visit a nice restaurant, be prepared to shell out about $40 AUD for your meal.