23 Best Shows On Netflix Australia | IMDB Rated [November 2022]

Whether you’re a fan of digestible comedies or thrilling dramas, everyone loves a good television series. If you’re itching for a new show to watch over the next few nights or weeks (or to binge in one sitting; don’t worry you’re not alone), your prayers have been answered.

We’ve gone through Netflix Australia’s entire catalogue and these are the absolute best series available on the streaming platform.

Black Mirror

Image Credit: Endemol Shine UK

8.8 IMDb score, Anthology series, Drama, Sci-Fi & Thriller, released in 2011, 5 seasons

Every episode of Black Mirror tells a stand-alone story set in the not-so-distant future but all episodes are connected by their exploration of the dark side of technology. You’ll spot some well-known actors in various episodes, and will be captivated (and simultaneously horrified) by every single episode; although admittedly some episodes are better than others.

If you’re a thriller or sci-fi fanatic you have to watch Black Mirror.


Image Credit: ITV Studios Global Entertainment

8.1 IMDb score, stars Richard Madden & Sophie Rundle, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2018, 1 season

This thrilling mini-series follows David Budd, a war veteran who now works as a bodyguard. However, when David is assigned to protect Julia Montague, the UK’s Home Secretary he finds himself at a crossroads; as he must shield her from harm but despises her and her political views.

A truly gripping show with excellent performances, writing, direction and cinematography, Bodyguard is a must-watch for those who love political-thrillers (although we must warn you, with Madden’s accent, it sometimes sounds like he’s saying ‘mum’ but we assure you he’s saying ‘mam’).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image Credit: Fox/NBC

8.4 IMDb score, stars Andy Samberg, Comedy & Crime, released in 2013, 8 seasons

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows goofy but talented Detective Jake Peralta as well as all of the other lovable employees of Brooklyn’s 99th NYPD precinct. Charmingly funny with clever gags, well-written plots, and the occasional poignant moment, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a refreshing take on a traditional ‘cop show’.

If you’re after a show that’ll genuinely make you laugh, this is the show for you.


Image Credit: Netflix

7.2 IMDb score, co-created by Matt Groening, Comedy, Adventure & Animation, released in 2018, 4 seasons

An animated series co-created by the same man who brought us the iconic and longest-running American sitcom, The Simpsons, Disenchantment is about a young princess named Bean who befriends a demon and an elf. Commonly described as a ‘medieval Futurama’, Disenchantment has great characters and an interesting story.

If you’re a fan of Groening’s other shows The Simpsons and Futurama, you should definitely check out Disenchantment.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive

Image Credit: Netflix

8.6 IMDb score, stars Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen & Daniel Ricciardo, Documentary & Sport, released in 2019, 4 seasons

This documentary series provides an interesting insight into the FIA Formula One World Championship. You’ll get a whole new appreciation for the F1 drivers and the inner workings of the competition with this enthralling series.

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, watching Formula 1: Drive To Survive is kind of a no-brainer; you’ll love it. And, with Drive To Survive Season 4 recently being released, there’s never been a better time to get hooked.

The Good Place

Image Credit: NBC

8.2 IMDb score, stars Kristen Bell & Ted Danson, Comedy, Drama & Fantasy, released in 2016, 4 seasons

The Good Place is set in the afterlife and people who were good during their lives are sent to the ‘good place’ – an idyllic neighbourhood – after their deaths. Eleanor realises that she should definitely not be in the good place as she’s a selfish, horrible person. Not wanting to get sent to the ‘bad place’, she asks her assigned ‘soulmate’ Chidi to teach her how to be a better person.

Charming, funny, and with a top-notch cast, The Good Place is a must-watch.


Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television

8.5 IMDb score, stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen & Laurence Fishburne, Crime, Drama & Horror, released in 2013, 3 seasons

The FBI enlists Will Graham to help solve various murders, including the murders of the infamous serial killer The Chesapeake Ripper. As the crime scenes begin to be detrimental to Graham’s mental health, he is assigned to Dr Hannibal Lecter, a highly praised psychiatrist who just happens to secretly be the cannibal and killer Graham’s after, the aforementioned Chesapeake Ripper.

Harrowing with superb acting and interesting plot lines, if you enjoy crime thrillers, you’ll love Hannibal.

The Haunting of Hill House

Image Credit: ViacomCBS/Netflix

8.6 IMDb score, stars Michiel Huisman & Carla Gugino, Drama, Horror & Mystery, released in 2018,1 season

Set in both the past and the present, The Haunting of Hill House follows a group of siblings who must confront the horrible things that happened to them in their childhood home; which went on to become the most famous haunted house in America. The mini-series is one of the best modern horror series ever made and features exceptional acting from all members of the cast.

If you’re wanting a good scare, or just enjoy horrors in general, you have to watch The Haunting of Hill House.

How To Get Away With Murder

Image Credit: Disney/ABC

8.1 IMDb score, stars Viola Davis, Crime, Drama & Mystery, released in 2014, 6 seasons

Five ambitious law students are selected to work for their highly successful criminal defence professor, Annalise Keating, but then become entangled in a twisted murder. Viola Davis, as always, gives a perfect performance as Keating and you won’t be able to predict the multiple plot twists this show throws at you.

Extremely well-written, any crime and mystery fan will highly enjoy How To Get Away With Murder.

The IT Crowd

Image Credit: Fremantle

8.5 IMDb score, stars Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade & Katherine Parkinson, Comedy, released in 2006, 5 seasons

The IT Crowd follows Jen, who knows absolutely nothing about computers, as she bluffs her way into a manager job with the IT department at Reynholm Industries. She then has to deal with the antics of the existing members of the IT department, Roy and Moss.

This show is wittily hilarious and should have gotten way more hype than it did.


Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television

8.1 IMDb score, stars Tom Ellis, Crime, Drama & Fantasy, released in 2016, 6 seasons

The Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar decides to leave Hell and instead live in Los Angeles. There he becomes an LAPD consultant who uses his telepathic abilities to help homicide Detective Chloe Decker solve various crimes.

Lucifer has the standard format of most ‘cop shows’ but the added supernatural plot of him being the literal devil is refreshing and is what makes Lucifer intriguing and enjoyable.

Money Heist (La casa de papel)

Image Credit: Antena 3 Television/Netflix

8.2 IMDb score, Action, Crime & Drama, released in 2017, 5 seasons

Money Heist has a sophisticated plot that follows a group of robbers as they attempt the biggest heist in history; stealing billions of euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Each character is extremely well-written and acted, and the character development is astounding; plus, the heist itself is remarkably compelling.

If you love a good heist story, you have to watch Money Heist.

The Office (US)

Image Credit: NBC

8.9 IMDb score, stars Steve Carell & John Krasinski, Comedy, released in 2005, 9 seasons

The Office (US) follows the misadventures of the various office employees of a paper company in a mockumentary style. Based on the UK show of the same name, The Office (US) is a rare instance where an American adaptation became more popular and successful than the original British version.

Both versions are good for different reasons but most of your mates will claim the US is superior; so, see if you agree by watching The Office (US).


Image Credit: Netflix

8.4 IMDb score, stars Jason Bateman & Laura Linney, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2017, 4 seasons

A seemingly normal family must leave Chicago and move to the Missouri Ozarks after the father, Marty Byrde, a money launderer, gets in too deep with a large drug cartel. Ozark has a complex plot that’s executed well and features gripping performances from both Bateman and Linney.

If you’re after a new dark crime drama, you’ll definitely enjoy Ozark.

Peaky Blinders

Image Credit: BBC Studios/Netflix

8.8 IMDb score, Cillian Murphy, Crime & Drama, released in 2013, 5 seasons

Set in post-war England in the 1900s, Peaky Blinders is about a gang and their cut-throat leader, Tommy Shelby. With violence, sex, drugs and cool flat caps, Peaky Blinders is enjoyable and fast-paced.

The wonderful cast and absorbing plot are what makes Peaky Blinders a show you need to watch.

The Queen’s Gambit

Image Credit: Netflix

8.6 IMDb score, stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Drama, released in 2020, 1 season

Young Beth Harmon is a prodigy at chess, and is well on her way to becoming the U.S. Open champion; if she can overcome her drug addiction. Excellently adapted from the book of the same name, The Queen’s Gambit is smart and moving.

If you’re after a totally binge-worthy series, The Queen’s Gambit is a great choice.

Rick and Morty

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television

9.2 IMDb score, Comedy, Adventure & Animation, released in 2013, 5 seasons

This smart and funny animated series centres around the many adventures of genius Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty. The show may seem wacky but it’s actually brilliant with hilarious moments, interesting sci-fi plots and the occasional heart-wrenching moment.

If you consider yourself a pop-culture aficionado, well you would’ve watched Rick and Morty a few times through by now; so, if you haven’t hurry up!


Image Credit: Columbia Pictures Television

8.8 IMDb score, stars Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Michael Richards, Comedy released in 1989, 9 seasons

A sitcom that’s literally about nothing, Seinfeld follows four friends – Jerry Seinfeld, George Constanza, Elaine Benes & Cosmo Kramer, as they navigate the everyday hassles of life. The tight-knit writing and hilarious jokes make Seinfeld extremely enjoyable even 30+ years later.

If you’re wanting a good chuckle, Seinfeld’s the show to give it to you.

Squid Game (​​Ojing-eo geim)

Image Credit: Netflix

8.0 IMDb score, Action, Drama & Mystery, released in 2021, 1 season

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s most-watched series, then what have you been doing? This South Korean drama is well worth the hype. Squid Game follows poor Seong Gi-hun who decides to participate in a mysterious competition where the winners will be given a large cash prize. However, things take a deadly turn…

A compelling thriller with a clear social commentary and the occasional gory violent scene, Squid Game is a show you should watch immediately.

Stranger Things

Image Credit: Netflix

8.7 IMDb score, stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour & Millie Bobby Brown, Drama, Fantasy & Horror, released in 2016, 4 seasons

Stranger Things starts with the disappearance of a young boy named Will. Will’s mother, desperate to get him back, soon discovers, along with the local chief of police and Will’s friends, that the disappearance may have involved supernatural forces beyond their control.

Set in the 80s, Stranger Things has a phenomenal and well-written plotline that’s acted to perfection by the cast and supported by a wonderful 80s soundtrack.


Image Credit: NBC

8.4 IMDb score, stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams & Megan Markle, Drama & Comedy, released in 2011, 9 seasons

It’s the show that made Megan Markle famous long before she married Prince Harry, Suits centres around one of New York’s best corporate lawyers, Harvey Specter. Specter decides to take a risk and hires brilliant college drop-out, Mike, who has a photographic memory, as an associate.

Sharp dialogue and a fun premise are what make Suits a great show you should definitely add to your watch list.


Image Credit: NBCUniversal

7.8 IMDb score, stars America Ferrera & Ben Feldman, Comedy, released in 2015, 6 seasons

Superstore follows the various employees of a huge store similar to Walmart or Target. The show tackles what real-life retail workers face – ridiculous customers, staff drama and pointless meetings and directives from corporate – in a hilarious way.

Anyone who’s ever worked in retail will LOVE this show; however, if you’ve been fortunate enough to never experience retail, you’ll still find Superstore witty and funny – but also eye-opening.

The Witcher

Image Credit: Netflix

8.2 IMDb score, stars Henry Cavill, Action, Adventure & Drama, released in 2019, 2 seasons

A professional but mutated monster hunter named Geralt of Rivia kills beasts for money. But with corruption, poverty, violence and intolerance running rampant, Geralt struggles to find his place in this world where humans may just be more wicked than beasts.

Great acting performances and a solid story are what make The Witcher a show you’ll enjoy.

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