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8 Best Shoe Polish Brands

Rise and shine with the best shoe polish brands...

best shoe polish brands

You spent a lot on a new pair of sneakers or shoes, so you want them to last a long time right? Well, the only way to achieve this is by taking care of your shoes; cleaning them and of course, using shoe polish. But some shoe polishes are better than others, and there is actually a correct way to use shoe polish.

Let us teach you about and how to use shoe polish for premium results and then take a look at the best shoe polish brands available.

The history of shoe polish

best shoe polish brands

The production of shoe polish was at its peak during World War I when soldiers were required to keep their boots in good nick. Following the wars, shoe polish entered the mainstream and was adopted by the wider public. These days a polished shoe is considered a fashion statement, with a high gloss finish being the desired look amongst the most discerning gents. Shoe polishes come primarily in wax, paste or cream forms and are designed to protect leather, promote shine and improve colour.

Many brands from the war era still exist today, producing products with original ingredients steeped in tradition. These brands dominate the market and are often considered some of the finest in their field.

How to use shoe polish

best shoe polish brands
  • Take a clean rag or towel and dab it in the shoe polish so you have an adequate amount to work with.
  • Next, place a mat or newspaper down on the floor so the polish doesn’t stain the floor.
  • Ensure the shoe is clean and dry, then take the polish-soaked section of the rag and rub it into the leather of the shoes.
  • Once complete, continue to work the polish into the shoe over its entirety, working across all areas of the shoes evenly. When you’re pleased with the shine, allow to dry for several minutes before wearing.

Voila. Shine bright like a diamond, you magnificent bastard.

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