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The Best Ski Pants To Keep You Warm & Dry This Snow Season

Ensuring you have the proper clothing and equipment is the best way to jump-start the ski season. Whether you’re hiking up the mountains or you’re a competitive backcountry skier, you want ski gear that’s high-performing and protective, making you feel fearless when exploring the alpine regions.

Finding the right pair of ski pants may seem daunting, but once you educate yourself on the right technologies to look out for, it’s pretty straightforward. Not only do you want to opt for stylish snow pants, but you want to make sure your bottoms feature a waterproof and windproof finish, keeping you warm and dry as the temperature lowers. Also, make sure your pants are durable yet breathable – pants with mesh vents are a great option.

Ski pants FAQs

Should ski pants be tight or loose?

Ski pants should be a relaxed fit that isn’t too baggy or tight. You want to feel exceptionally comfortable while they provide you with a full range of motion so that you can ski at the highest level. The waist should also feel secure as you move, ensuring no snow will seep in. If ski pants are too tight, you’ll feel restricted and miserable in the snow.

Can you go skiing without ski pants?

It’s not recommended you ski without wear proper ski pants as they are specially made to endure harsher colder climates.

How do I keep my ski pants up?

For the more aggressive skiers, suspenders and belts are a way to ensure pants stay securely on. However, if you don’t want to wear a belt or suspenders, try to look for pants with an adjustable waist, so you can adjust them as loosely or as snug, as you want.

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