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5 Essential Spicy Fragrances For Men

That's a spicey meatball.

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Warm, seductive, and exotic, there’s something special about a spicy cologne. When choosing your signature scent, remember that spicy fragrances tend to get stronger the longer they stay on your body. A cologne that’s spicy will make you irresistible since only a bold, confident man would wear a bold and confident fragrance.

But don’t go spritzing like crazy; think of wearing a spicy fragrance like drinking a bottle of red wine. You wouldn’t open the bottle, immediately pour it into a glass, and start guzzling! You would let it breathe first, let it reach its peak, and then savour every sip of it. The same goes with these best spicy colognes for men; a light spray will last all day.

Spicy Cologne FAQs

What is a spicy fragrance?

A spicy cologne is usually an intense fragrance with an earthy yet fresh scent that’s achieved by blending heavier fragrances (such as amber, musk, sandalwood) with lighter ones (such as vanilla, citron, cedarwood).

How do I apply a spicy fragrance?

You don’t want to spray a spicy cologne all over you, as a quality spicy fragrance will intensify over time. You just want a light spray on your neck and wrists; however, don’t spray one wrist and then rub your wrists together, as this will lessen the longevity of your cologne. Spray each wrist, extremely lightly.

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