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5 Essential Spicy Fragrances For Men

That’s a spicey meatball.

Warm, seductive and exotic, there’s something special about spicy colognes. When choosing your signature scent, remember that spicy fragrances tend get stronger the longer they stay on your body. Think of wearing a spicy fragrance like drinking a red wine. You wouldn’t open the bottle and immediately pour it into a glass; you would let it breathe first, reach its peak, and then enjoy it. The same goes with these best spicy colognes for men.

Amouage Ciel Pour Homme

Spicy colognesCiel Pour Homme has been around for just over a decade now, winning admirers with its exotic blend of lavender, lily-of-the-valley, bergamot and rose top notes with middle notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, peach, jasmine and cardamom, and base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, incense and cedar. Like all fragrances from Oman-based Amouage, this one draws inspiration from the rich and colourful heritage of its home country.


Comme Des Garçons Blue Encens

Spicy colognes
Comme Des Garçons launched the three-part “blue” series of fragrances in the summer of 2013. Blue Encens is the smoky, spicy one of the bunch. The bold fusion of mystical incense and crushed Artemisia is mixed with a heated blend of frozen spices (Indian cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon). Cool yet warm, fresh but fiery, Blue Encens is a perfect sent for the man who loves contradictions.


Tom Ford Noir

Spicy colognes
Tom Ford enters into deeply sexy territory with Noir, a scent that is one part urbane sophisticate and one part enigmatic man of mystery. Top notes include bergamot, verbena, caraway, pink pepper and violet. Black pepper, nutmeg, Tuscan iris, geranium and Bulgarian rose make up the middle, and base notes of opoponax, amber, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, civet and vanilla anchor the fragrance.


Dolce & Gabbana The One

Spicy colognes
The One was designed to be a perfect reflection of the Dolce & Gabbana man: charismatic and seductive, elegant and sophisticated, a grab-life-by-the-horns type who never passes by unnoticed. Developed by perfumer Olivier Polge, The One is a sensual, spicy fragrance that combines tobacco with refined base notes of cardamom, ginger, cedarwood and citrus spice accord.


Six Scents “Nicoll 17” by Richard Nicoll

Spicy colognes
Each year, the Six Scents initiative brings together a distinct group of designers and perfumers to create six limited edition fragrances. Nicoll 17 by Richard Nicoll is a simple, minimalist sent with notes of Florentine fennel, fennel pollen, exotic black basil, white Irish petals, caraway seeds, Tarocco sweet orange, Angelica roots, southern magnolia, and early summer ivy buds.




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