Billions Season 7: Everything Australians Need To Know Before Season Premiere

Wealth means war.

Billions Season 7: Everything Australians Need To Know Before Season Premiere

Image: Showtime

Billions is back for its final season with Damien Lewis returning as Bobby Axelrod, Chuck Roades escaping jail time and Mike Prince seeking the presidency, Billions Season 7 will be one dramatic final showdown.

Set in the high-stakes realm of New York’s financial district, Billions is a gripping television drama series that explores the intricacies of the cutthroat world of finance, power, and ambition. The show focuses on the central rivalry between two opposing players in New York’s financial district: Bobby “Axe” Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades.

Portrayed by Damian Lewis, Bobby Axelrod is a charismatic and wicked billionaire hedge fund manager and the CEO of Axe Capital, a successful investment firm whose aggressive and questionable tactics have made them one of the biggest players in the financial game.

On the other side of the battle is Chuck Rhoades, played by Paul Giamatti; an unrelenting and tenacious U.S. Attorney for New York, who will not stop until financial criminals have been brought to justice, with Axe firmly in his sights on his return.

Will Axe be in Season 7 of Billions?

As confirmed in the released trailer for Billions S7, Axe is back following his controversial departure from the show in Season 5.

Bobby Axelrod fled the show in Season 5 after Rhoades had him pinned and facing prosecution, running to Switzerland with the help of billionaire friend – and rival – Michael Prince. Upon leaving the show, Damien Lewis confirmed he wanted to spend more time with his family who are based in England, UK.

Following Lewis’ exit from Billions, Michael Prince, a billionaire from America’s heartlands entered the scene as Chuck Roades sought new battles.

After one season, Bobby Axelrod is back, although details surrounding his return are still unclear. But it does speak to the evolving narrative concerning Michael Prince – played by Corey Stoll – who is seeking the US presidency, and emerged as the replacement antagonist in Axe’s absence.

Billions Season 7 Cast – Who’s In & Out

Damian Lewis (Homeland) returns to Billions Season 7 as Bobby Axelrod opposite Paul Giamatti (Cinderella Man) who plays US Attorney Chuck Roades.

Corey Stoll (House of Cards) reprises his role as Michael Prince alongside Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy), David Costabile (Suits), Asia Kate Dillon (Orange is the New Black), Condola Rashad (Sweet Magnolias), Jeffrey DeMunn (Green Mile), Sakina Jaffrey (Raising Helen), and Daniel Breaker (Limitless).

Billions Season 7 Plot

Billions Season 6 ended in dramatic circumstances, as Chuck Roades managed to infiltrate Michael Princes’s black box, exposing his nemesis’ undeclared bank of cryptocurrency and subsequently derailing his US Presidential run. Although details for Season 7 are still under wraps, don’t be surprised to see Prince resurrect his Presidential campaign and seek the highest public office.

Bobby Axelrod is back after fleeing to Switzerland at the end of Season 5, with Damien Lewis confirmed to feature in 6 of the 12 episodes from Season 7.

Episode 1Tower of London
Episode 2Original Sin, and its synopsis reads “Prince recruits campaign support and encourages the Prince Cappers to aim high under a new directive for big swings. Chuck negotiates with a ghost from his past to advance a new agenda. Axe shares a glimpse into his new life.”

Watch the Billions Season 7 Trailer below:

Where can I watch Billions in Australia?

Billions Season 7 will be shown exclusively on Paramount+ with Showtime.

What date is Billions Season 7 released?

The first episode of Billions Season 7 will be shown on Friday, Aug 11, 2023. Episodes will be released each week.

Will Billions Season 7 be the last season?

Yes, after seven seasons, Billions will bow out on top for “one last showdown.”