This Bizarre Contraption Could Be The Solution To Bad Posture, According To Health Hacker Dave Asprey

He's no slouch.

This Bizarre Contraption Could Be The Solution To Bad Posture, According To Health Hacker Dave Asprey

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It’s incredibly common for us to slouch whenever we’re sitting down, or even walking down the street. In fact, there’s a very good chance you’re reading this very sentence with a slight bend in your back (or neck).

Bad posture – which is defined as being any position that causes our spine to be put in an unnatural position – causes stress on joints, muscles and vertebrae, which can lead to any number of pains, injuries or other health problems.

How do you succumb to poor posture in the first place? It can usually be traced back to whatever you do for work, primarily those who find themselves in one position for the vast majority of the working day without taking frequent breaks. Think: those who sit at desks for hours on end or people who need to bend over a lot.

There is much to be said about poor posture, as well as its causes and potential effects. In fact we encourage you to do some further reading into it, as you may actually exhibit poor posture without realising it. It’s not simply identified as slouching, but can be present in a number of different ways.

The best way to cure or rectify poor posture is to train and build up your muscular strength. All of your body’s muscles work in tandem to support you. Your abs, quads and hamstrings, for example, are key to preventing back pain, and they will be more able to support your upper body if they’re in good health.

But one of the other ways you can help to prevent poor posture is to train your neck muscles. But rather than simply turn your head from side to side (although, this can help) lifestyle guru Dave Asprey has a product that can help even further.

Called the Iron Neck, this unused condom-looking contraption has been developed from research relating to concussion and whiplash, and after just a few months use, you should notice you’re standing more upright. In fact, it may not only cure your poor posture but potentially enable you to no longer lie about your height on your dating profile.


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To use the Iron Neck, you place the piece of equipment on your head, inflate the integrated air pillow to create a snug fit, and then attach it to a resistance band that comes included. This band needs to be secured to a solid anchor point so that you can perform exercises while working against the resistance created by the band.

It essentially works in the same way as resistance bands can be used to help you build muscle in other areas of your body, but targets just your neck.

Claiming he now “needs to duck when I go through doorways” now that his “center of gravity is back”, Dave couldn’t appear more pleased with UFO-like hat. Conveniently he has a discount code allowing you to save money on your own.

However, as silly as it may look, there is some method to the madness. The NHS cites neck strengthening exercises as being an ideal way to cure “text neck” – a forward-leaning neck incurred by looking down at your phone too much – and neck stiffness caused by holding a phone to your ear using your shoulder.

Exercises laid out by the NHS can all be completed using the Iron Neck, with the added benefit of some weighted resistance to help strengthen them faster.

Now, stand up straight, eyes forward and kiss your bad posture goodbye.

Just remember to consult your physio and bank account first…

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