BMW M3 Wagon Prototype Spotted On German Roads

Hot or not?

BMW M3 Touring Prototype

When BMW teased an image of the forthcoming M3 Touring, it’s fair to say the majority of the car world was sent into meltdown. A hot as sh*t M3 wagon is something many car nuts have been pining for, for years (the wait has even inspired some to build their own), and the Munich-manufacturer has remained unfairly stubborn, until now.

While that teaser image showed off one of the best rear ends we’ve seen in some time, a recent video of the prototype model leaving the BMW M factory for testing has made the wagon that little bit more real and can only be described as unadulterated car pornography.

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Accompanied by the caption “Leaving M Town”, the prototype model, naturally, is covered in a camo paint job, designed to confuse us and make it harder to discern distinguishing details of the bodywork. What is clear from the video, however, is the BMW M3 Touring has been handed the same excessively large grille as the new BMW 4 Series (a feature BMW previously said would be restricted to use on said marque).

While it certainly gives off the impression of a mean and fierce M3, and will likely help to provide cooling for the ferocious engine hiding within (said to be the same S58 3.0l twin-turbocharged inline-six with 473hp that’s used in the M3 Sedan and the M4), it’s not exactly the handsome beast we were hoping for.

It seems some fans aren’t deterred by the controversial design choice, leaving comments such as:

“Finally 🔥🔥”  and “Perfect 🔥”

Others, however, have picked up on that grille, “Noooooooo this grille!” and “This front grille *facepalm*”.

Of course, being a prototype, the design could still be changed before its official release. But considering that’s slated for some time in 2021, we can’t see BMW’s design boffins going back to the drawing board anytime soon.

To be honest, we’d probably still get one. We’d hardly ever see the grille.

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