BMW Z3 M Coupe For Sale In Western Australia

The 'glow-up' of the car world.

BMW Z3 M Coupe For Sale In Western Australia

The very thought of a BMW Z3 will likely have the usual “hairdresser’s car” connotations attached to it, like with many other curvaceous convertibles. However, BMW produced a version of the Z3 that was not so much hairdresser, but more salon hairdryer on steroids that could blow the competition away.

It comes in the form of this Z3 M Coupé from 1998 that is available to buy on Carsales right now. Before we get on to the power and drivability of this car, we’ll get the elephant in the room that is its looks out the way first. When BMW launched the M Coupé, it wasn’t immediately well-received, not just by the public, but the BMW enthusiasts’ club either.

In order to get approval from the Board, BMW’s design team had to make it as cost-effective as possible, and as a result, virtually the entire front end is interchangeable with the convertible version, along with much of the interior. BMW also used the same drivetrain system, just with a coupé body attached to it.

A rear-end to gawk at.

Its distinctive styling has earned it nicknames such as ‘hearse’ and ‘clown shoe’, but in today’s world some 20 years later, the looks are a refreshing change among a sea of similarly shaped sedans. This writer, in particular, has always been a fan.

The model on sale here is powered by BMW’s 3.2-litre S50 engine unit (also used in the E36 M3) which is capable of propelling the Z3 M Coupé to 100km/h in just over 5 seconds. BMW fitted a new S54 engine variant in the cars built from 2001, and it’s this model that’s super rare and highly desirable with only 1,112 ever made.

That’s not to say the S50 variant is common, however, as only 2,999 were built worldwide. Only 821 of those were right-hand drive models and 34 of the 2,999 were delivered to Australia. So, on these shores at least that makes this car exceptionally hard to come by.

This particular model has had the majority of the options list fitted to it, including an upgraded sound system, heated seats, climate control, electric windows and sunroof and M-styling interior package. It’s even had the traction control system taken away, so you’ll be able to get it sideways…providing you have the skill and access to a dedicated track, of course.

Who doesn’t love an analogue dial?

The owner has also made a number of repairs and upgrades to suspension as well as giving it an eye-catching set of BBS alloy wheels. Although, they may not as eye-catching as the original Estoril Blue metallic paint, which is nothing short of stunning.

It’s an immaculate car inside and out, and we’re sure any BMW collector or general car enthusiast out there would love to have it in their collection. It’s hard to imagine this will hang around for long, especially with its attractive AU$85,500 asking price. Head to Carsales now to make your enquiry.

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