Boeing 737 Max: Employee Carpark Being Used For Storage

And it's costing them $2,000 per plane, per month.

Boeing has grounded hundreds of 737 MAX planes since two aircraft of the same make crashed earlier this year.

But their problems don’t end with bad press, delays and safety concerns.

Now there is a serious logistical issue: what to do with all the grounded aircraft. Enter: the employee carparks of Boeing stations around the globe, formerly simple piece of asphalt; now known as overflow aircraft hangers.


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While The Sun reported on a TUI Boeing plane taking up 60 parking spots in one parking area, other images show a huge Boeing park full of out of commission planes.

As reports, “More than 40 planes are parked in one of the images, including jets for American Airlines and Norwegian Air.”

Bloomberg says it is costing Boeing around $2,000 a month to park each plane. As the planes are not set to fly again until August (at the earliest), this will add up to a hefty fee.


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Despite this, the International Airlines Group (IAG) still allegedly “plans to buy 200 Boeing 737 MAX planes,” with the company’s chief executive, Willie Walsh, saying: “We have every confidence in Boeing and expect that the aircraft will make a successful return to service in the coming months.”

“While not final, the deal is estimated to be worth upwards of $34 billion based on list prices,” (

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