Brad Pitt Goes Back To The 90s With Wild Skirt Look

A very Berlin vibe.

Brad Pitt Goes Back To The 90s With Wild Skirt Look

Brad Pitt has never been afraid to push the envelope when it comes to style – and his latest look is a return to his best 90s form.

The 58-year-old Hollywood superstar donned a rather eclectic look on the red carpet for the Berlin premiere of his latest film, the raucous action-comedy Bullet Train, consisting of a brown linen jacket, pink linen shirt, tortoiseshell sunglasses, biker boots… And a brown linen skirt.

Firstly, that’s a lot of linen. Secondly, what a sick skirt. It’s a very bohemian look that Brad pulls off perfectly. Maybe he was hoping to get into Berghain after the premiere? Mega Schön.

Brad’s just the latest in a growing number of high-profile male celebrities who’ve embraced the whole men wearing skirts trend. Other proponents of the look include musicians like Harry Styles, Kid Cudi and Lil Nas X; comedians like Dan Levy and Pete Davidson; and athletes like Harry Garside, Lewis Hamilton and Russell Westbrook.

Image: Sony Pictures

Of course, Brad’s got form when it comes to wearing women’s clothes, famously posing for Rolling Stone in the 90s in a range of wild dresses.

The other highlight of the outfit? The fact that you can see Brad’s glorious pins. The man might not be as buff as he was in the 90s, but he’s still one fit fella. Oh, and as GQ USA puts it, “if you were previously unaware that Brad Pitt has a tattoo of a rhinoceros on his right shin, consider yourself informed.”

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Images: Rolling Stone

The eclectic outfit also pairs perfectly with the eclectic vibe of Bullet Train, which is set to hit theatres on the 4th of August.

Brad Pitt leads an ensemble cast including Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bad Bunny, Zazie Beetz and Sandra Bullock. He stars as Ladybug, a trained assassin who wishes to give up his job but is forced by his handler to do one more job: collect a briefcase from a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Morioka, where he quickly discovers there are four other assassins on board and their missions are all interconnected.

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