Breaking Bad Plot Hole Fixed By Latest Better Call Saul Episode

"Go home, Walter."

Breaking Bad Plot Hole Fixed By Latest Better Call Saul Episode

Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest television series of all time. And for good reason. The iconic crime drama followed Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, as he went from a nervous and meek high school chemistry teacher to a merciless and fierce methamphetamine manufacturer.

But despite how critically acclaimed Breaking Bad is, the series did have a few minor plot holes or loose ends that weren’t tied up by the series finale. While none of these inconsistencies ever detracted majorly from the show, die-hard fans who were left wanting more when Breaking Bad ended in 2013, are now getting answers.

Case in point: in Season 4 of Breaking Bad, during the episode Thirty-Eight Snub, Walt drives to Gus Fring’s house intent on killing him. However, Walt receives a phone call from Tyrus, who simply tells him to “Go home, Walter”. You can watch the scene below:

While the scene is thrilling, it was never made clear how Tyrus knew that Walt was at Fring’s house – was he following Walt? Well, a recent episode of Better Call Saul – a prequel to Breaking Bad – have given us the answer. Fring’s house is somewhat of a decoy.

His nice suburban home – where several scenes of Breaking Bad took place – actually has a secret tunnel that leads to the house next door and is completely fitted out with security cameras, surveillance equipment and armed men.

This explains how Tyrus knew that Walt was sitting outside Fring’s house; Walt would’ve shown up on the surveillance footage. You can watch the awesome reveal from Better Call Saul below:

Both Walt and Jesse are yet to appear in Better Call Saul but both Cranston and Aaron Paul who play the respective Breaking Bad characters have confirmed they’ll appear in the current (and last) season of the prequel series.

Hopefully, they’ll make an appearance in the next episode of Better Call Saul, which is released on Stan next Tuesday – the 17th of May – at 6pm.

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