Bremont MBII Just Dropped A Refreshed Version With Customisation Options To Boot

A magnificent watch inspired by flying machines.

Bremont MBII Just Dropped A Refreshed Version With Customisation Options To Boot

It’s not uncommon for watch manufacturers to release updated versions of classic models, although, for the vast majority, the updates comprise a new movement or a new colour finish. Bremont is sticking to that same formula, sort of, with its latest release, or rather, the latest update of the MBII

It’s been some ten years since Bremont introduced the MBII and was launched in collaboration with Martin-Baker, another British company that manufactures ejection seats for aeroplanes. Bremont also made the MBI, but this was strictly given to pilots who had ejected using a Martin-Baker seat in flight.

The MBII was, therefore, the model the general public could get their hands on, and the ones that did got themselves a sporty pilot’s watch that was able to withstand more than your average daily conditions, such as the pressures brought on by an ejector seat. Bremont has just announced an update to the MBII that brings with it a revised design and a new customisation feature that lets you change colours and straps to your heart’s content.

Chief among the changes is a new blue dial to join the original black and white dial options. The dial still sits within a 43mm hardened steel case, but it has a revised layout this time around.

Changes to the 2020 model include substituting the day/date window of the 2009 model for a singular date window; the hour and minute hands are now the same colour and the hour hand now rocks a sword style; the font has changed too and there’s now a seconds-counter on the internal bezel to join the minutes counter.

Internally, things are pretty much on par with the 2009 model. You get the same Bremont BE-36AE automatic chronometer; patented anti-shock movement mount; Bremont’s proprietary Roto-Click bezel which can be operated via a second crown at 4 o’clock and an inner anti-magnetic Faraday cage to protect the movement. That last feature can only be found on the closed case back design.

Which brings us on nicely to the customisation options, as you can now spec the MBII with an open back design too – a first for the MB collection –  as well as making various choices when it comes to case and dial colour, barrel colour and strap. There are over 1,000 permutations possible, so no two 2020 MBII watches should be alike.

Options include:

Case: Brushed steel, black DLC (diamond-like carbon)
Dial: Black, white, blue
Mid-case barrel colour: Blue, orange, yellow, green, anthracite, purple, bronze, jet (black), titanium
Case back: Open or closed
Strap: 11 options, 10 leather, 1 steel
Buckle: Pin clasp or deployment design

Once you’ve specced your dream Bremont MBII, you can expect to wait 12-14 weeks until it arrives on your doorstep. The configurator can only be accessed via the UK site at the moment, where your order will be still be accepted. The Australian site will offer the configurator within the next week.

Pricing starts at AU$6,800 for the leather strap model and $7,500 for the bracelet option. These prices will change depending on the customisation changes you make.

Bremont also has a new strap available as an additional optional extra (it can’t be added during the customisation stage) called the Chalgrove. It’s made from a combination of rubber and leather to provide “something practical and robust, that also has enhanced moisture resistance.” It’s available in blue, orange and black colourways and retails for $235.

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