The Coolest Furniture Stores In Brisbane

If you can avoid it, you should be turning your back on mainstream furniture stores and focusing your attention on independent designer furniture stores (or at least those that have several showrooms, yet import high-quality furniture from overseas)  when it comes to furnishing your home. Not only will you usually receive a higher quality of product, but with some stores also offering bespoke builds, you will be able to get your hands on something that you will actually make full use of, and something that is totally personal to you.

Brisbane is, in a way, in its own little world halfway up Australia’s east coast and with that, comes a unique sense of style. It presents a thoroughly more laidback approach to life, with bronzed people everywhere you look and a greater appreciation for individualism than what you may find in either Sydney or Melbourne.

That attitude isn’t just applied to fashion, but extends into all other aspects where a personal design touch is needed, including in the furniture chosen for the home. Fortunately, there is an eclectic range of designer furniture stores teeming with anything and everything home-related, from tables and sofas to beds, wardrobes and even outdoor furniture for those summer BBQs. And these are the very best.

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