Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Teases ‘Secret’ New Role

"I’m not at liberty to discuss that..."

Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Teases ‘Secret’ New Role

Bryan Cranston – best known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle and Trumbo – has admitted he’s working on a new show but that his role is a “highly kept secret”. Spoiler alert: the following article contains spoilers for Your Honor.

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s cameos as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the final season of Better Call Saul.

But everyone has also been speculating why Cranston now looks almost unrecognisable – if you haven’t seen a recent picture, for the last month or so, the Emmy-winning actor has been rocking a new look, complete with long hair and a dishevelled beard.

Most think it’s for a role but some have questioned whether Cranston has just ‘let himself go’.

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Well, now we know for certain that Cranston has not let himself go and his new look is for a ‘secret’ role. Cranston appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and was asked why he’d grown the beard and how he would describe his appearance. Cranston laughed and replied,

“Well DP, I’d probably describe it as an old lion being eaten by jackals… Um, no I am doing a show; I’m doing a show. Actually, I’m in really good shape, I had to, I dropped a lot of weight. I’m now at 169 [pounds] for my 5’11 height and my nutritionist says I’m still gaining in muscle, so hey, at 66 [years old] man, I can’t argue with that.”

Bryan Cranston

Cranston was then asked what we’re all dying to know: what is the role/show that requires Cranston to look this way. Sadly, Cranston didn’t crack.

“I can’t tell you that. It’s a little bit of a secret.”

Bryan Cranston
Cranston debuted his long hair and beard in early June. Image Credit: CBS

Cranston went on to briefly discuss his friendship with Breaking Bad co-star Paul before revealing there will be a second season of Your Honor, the critically-acclaimed 2020 drama series Cranston starred in. Dan Patrick then pressed, to no avail, whether the beard and long hair are for the second season of Your Honor.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that. It is a highly kept secret here in the entertainment world and we keep those, you know, close to heart.”

Bryan Cranston

Hopefully, Cranston is allowed to reveal the top-secret role that demands this new rugged look soon. The suspense is killing us!

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