‘Mistake To Avoid In Business Class’ Claim Sparks Debate

It's a 'mistake' we all make. But is it really that bad?

‘Mistake To Avoid In Business Class’ Claim Sparks Debate

Points hacking expert Immanuel Debeer says you should avoid booking normal business class seats on Singapore Airlines, and instead opt for one of the 8 bulkhead spots. Not everyone agrees though, with some saying the extra space isn’t worth it, because you may have to deal with babies and light coming through the curtain.

Business and first-class connoisseur Immanuel Debeer has sparked debate among some of his followers, telling them that it’s a mistake to book any business class seat, on Singapore Airlines, other than the eight bulkhead ones. He posted the following video, captioned: “Bulkhead for the win! Do you agree?”

In the video, he says: “Don’t make this mistake when flying business class. Choosing the wrong seat,” while sitting down in a ‘normal’ business class seat, and showing how much leg room he has. He then walks towards the front, to where the bulkhead is located, beckoning viewers to follow.

“Do this instead. Get the bulkhead seat for more space.”

Immanuel Debeer

The video sparked debate. While some Instagram commenters went completely off-piste, saying the question was irrelevant to them because “I fly with Ryanair because I have no money,” others furrowed their brow at the suggestion.

Debating the finer points of seat selection in business class… Image via Instagram.

One aggrieved user asked: “How do I never see this again on my page?”

Another said: “That seat is for passenger with baby. They can put baby bassinet there. Airlines companies give that seat for those passengers. It means you can not get that seat easy.”

Debeer replied: “They do but you can take them if there are no infants on the flight. There are 8 of these so it’s rare to have 8 babies in business.”

Another user chimed in: “Not rare at all to have a baby in business class. Esp. on Singapore Airlines. Country is full of expat families – majority of whom have business class flights contracted in their expat package. Anytime I fly SG to Europe see at least one baby and full of young families. At Christmas its like a creche. Also, disagree that is best seat. Prepare for much more activity – opening closing curtain, noise, light filtering through.”

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Another simply wished “the SQ A350 regional had those bulkhead seats as well!” adding: “Lucky I’m flying on the B777-300er soon since they have the same seats and config!”

The discussion continues… Image via Instagram.

Others queried how Debeer was able to select his seat, with one user asking “Are the seats not allocated though?” To this, Debeer responded: “If you don’t choose one yourself.” Another user wrote: “There is no wrong seat in business class.”

At last, something we can agree on…

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