What NOT To Do In Byron Bay – The Worst Mistake Tourists Make

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What NOT To Do In Byron Bay – The Worst Mistake Tourists Make

Image Credit: New York Times

Whether you think more people just makes for bigger and better parties, or whether you are furious about the influx of visitors jacking up the prices of Byron Bay rentals, what is impossible to dispute is that Byron Bay has become a bit of a meme. 

Home to Australia’s Easternmost point and formerly a sleepy little village, Byron Bay encourages visitors to slow down and “chill out.”

But it seems that in other cities and towns around Australia, some people are getting sick of their friends returning from The Hinterland with disdain for footwear and punctuality. 

Enter: the following video. 

@brittanyobrienn Absolutely calling myself out here 💀 Missing that ✨Van Life✨ #byronbay #australia #pov #fyp ♬ morgen meditation – guidet meditation – Lisbett Wedendahl / LIFT YOUR MIND

Posted to TikTok in 2020 by @brittanyobrienn, the above video captures many of the phrases that many people (particularly Sydneysiders) are guilty of returning from Byron and saying, much to the mirth (or, in some cases, irritation) of those that overhear.

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Whether you think Byron Bay is the most unfairly maligned place in Australia (after Bondi), or whether you really truly don’t like the place, the following phrases ring true.

“The vibes there are just something else,” the skit begins. “I can’t really describe it to you because you haven’t actually been there. You have to spend a lot of time there – like I have. Look if I’m being honest coming back to the city was a bit of a nightmare, like, the lifestyle is just so different.”

“Everyone here is in such a rush. Like, just chill out. Do you know what I mean? Just chill out. I know it’s totally crazy but I kind of feel like I went on a spiritual journey… no I was only there for three days yeah… but I feel like a completely changed person.

“I think I might buy a van.”

Brittany isn’t alone in pointing out some of the embarrassing habits tourists pick up in Byron Bay. Instagram account @lordsofbyronbay made it its mission to expose the weirdest and most wonderful goings-on in the town, recently capturing (arguably) Australia’s spirit animal as we limped our way into the Christmas period.

Watch arguably the most ‘Byron Bay Act For 2021’ in the video below

The account has also captured such iconic moments as a surfer’s spiritual (we presume) warm-up, a ‘genius’ parking technique to avoid getting fined, and the town’s wild rental market.

No wonder the Hemsworths are (reportedly) quietly selling up and getting out… The Instagram Effect is in full flight and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon…

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