Calvin Harris Stole Conor McGregor's Suit Idea For The Brit Awards

Who did it better?

Calvin Harris Brit Awards

It appears the lettered pinstripe suit is finally catching on a year after Conor McGregor debuted the ‘F*ck You’ suit which raised a many eyebrows in the world of bespoke tailoring.

At the 2018 Brit Awards last night, superstar DJ Calvin Harris took a bit of inspiration from McGregor by rocking a G-rated version of the lettered pinstripe suit with the words ‘Christian Dior’, ‘PARIS’, ‘ATELIER’ and ‘3 Rue de Marignan’ stamped all over the monochrome ensemble.

Harris paired the suit with a classic black shirt sans tie and a white rose lapel pin which represented the #MeToo movement in the entertainment industry.

And let’s not forget about the polished shoes. If you’re going for a look this loud, it’s important to back it up with footwear that is equally slick.

Did Calvin Harris do the ‘F*ck You’ suit justice? You can let us know in the comments below.