Chadwick Boseman Shows You How To Rock All-White To A Formal Event

The King of Wakanda reveals the secret to...What are those?!

Chadwick Boseman Shows You How To Rock All-White To A Formal Event

Evacuate the city. Engage all defences. And get this man…a stain remover. Chadwick Boseman broke all convention today as he headed to the 2018 ESPYS Awards in a stark white suit by Louis Vuitton complete with a waistcoat – worn on the outside.

That’s a lot to take in when it comes to men’s fashion rules but Boseman seemingly pulls it off without a hitch (probably because he’s the King of Wakanda and can wear whatever he damn wishes). Nonetheless we rate it and one can’t deny the Black Panther actor for being original with his wardrobe.

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Boseman gets the look over the line with white garments from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection by Virgil Abloh which feature a nice degree of tonal contrasts. A look at the gallery will reveal that the blazer and trousers are a creamier shade of white whilst the crew neck tee is another as is the waistcoat which features unique detailing like crocodile skin and a matching white zipper.

Even Boseman’s white sneakers feature its own tonal white which leads us to the solution for wearing all-white: Make sure there’s contrast and detailing between the white pieces so that you’ll avoid looking like a creepy uncle at a white party.

Don’t be that guy. Be this guy.