Cheap Fuel Sydney: How Far Australians Will Go

Pump parade.

Cheap Fuel Sydney: How Far Australians Will Go

Image Credit: The West Australian

A video posted to Instagram by Rashay’s (an Australian restaurant chain) owner Rami Ykmour shows just how silly petrol prices have become (and the lengths people are willing to go to, in order to score a cheaper price at the pump).

The video shows lines and lines of people queuing up for what was supposedly the cheapest petrol in Australia, at a petrol station in Auburn.

Rami can be heard questioning whether the drivers are really saving themselves that much, given how long they’re having to spend idling in the queue.

The petrol they were lining up for was $1.529 – a bargain compared to most petrol stations lately.

Prices have been wild lately. Image Credit: News Corp

At the time of writing, the national average for petrol (Unleaded 95) is $1.99 (down 2.8 per cent), according to It’s been higher than that in recent weeks, however, having been over the $2 mark on various days.

The cheap petrol in the video might be explained by a cut in fuel excise, which the ACCC expects “will be passed on to consumers in full.”

9 News reports that “hundreds of petrol stations across New South Wales and the ACT have already slashed their prices after the federal government halved the fuel excise.”

9 News yesterday reported that 227 petrol stations “have cut their prices by at least 30 cents a litre over the past seven days.”

Let’s hope the trend continues.

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