Compton Bottle Shop’s ‘Alcatraz Style’ Security Blows The Internet’s Mind

"Like entering Alcatraz."

Compton Bottle Shop’s ‘Alcatraz Style’ Security Blows The Internet’s Mind

Images via Instagram (@foocommunity)

A Compton bottle shop’s remarkable level of security has made waves online, with some social media users comparing it to a prison.

A Compton bottle shop has blown the minds of thousands of Instagram users with its incredibly tough looking security. The video, posted by Instagram account @foocommunity, is entitled Welcome To Compton, and is a wild ride.

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The clip, backed by a rap song, begins with the phrase “this is what it looks like when you go to a liquor store in Compton.” The customer/filmer then opens not one but two white metal gates, before arriving at a third (locked) orange gate with spikes on top. The filmer then explains “you have to wait to be buzzed in.”

The video now has 52.6k likes and 1,576 comments. Some social media users said they were glad their cities weren’t like this (“Happy Dallas ain’t like this” one wrote) while others made remarks like: “I wonder who’s responsible for the need of this sort of security?”

“You buying beer or getting booked?”

Instagram user @trumanstayboomin

Another said: “What yall expect if yall keep robbing and gunning in there just to get drinks.” Others said it looked like a prison yard (“like entering Alcatraz”) or suggested “Maybe not rob the place. Cages wouldn’t be needed lol.”

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Yet another said: “Thas good. They need to do whatever it takes to ensure safety for themselves.”

This isn’t the first time a video of American life has shocked netizens. Who could forget this wild scene in Manhattan or the time a DMARGE correspondent learned the hard way why you shouldn’t take your Australian coffee expectations over to the States with you…