Conor McGregor Shows You How To Be The World's Best Dressed Dad

Making fatherhood fashionable.

Conor McGregor Shows You How To Be The World's Best Dressed Dad

As if you didn’t need reminding that Conor McGregor already scrubs up pretty well in a three-piece suit, it’s now safe to assume that the retired MMA fighter on sabbatical has taken the title as the world’s best dressed dad too.


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In his latest series of Instagram posts since his court hearing for the assault of fellow UFC opponents on a bus, McGregor has seemingly taken a step back from the noise and controversy of the sport in place of family. The most recent image has McGregor showing off Conor McGregor Jr. whilst rocking a signature David August x Conor McGregor three-piece suit. It’s a bloody good colour too with turquoise check and a matching tie making for a loud yet classy pop of colour. The pocket square, timepiece and polishes shoes pretty much cements McGregor as one of today’s best dressed dads alongside guys like Jeff Goldblum.

Need more evidence?

Here’s McGregor playing the more casual look with Junior in a pared down grey suit sans tie.

Even when McGregor is out of a suit he makes easy work of dressing the dad bod. Sure, he might have millions to spend and a perennially fit physique, but that’s no excuse to drop your wardrobe game when the seasons change and all you want to do is walk around in a Snuggie. Don’t be that guy.

So if you’re trying to figure out a way to look presentable as a dedicated father, do as McGregor does:

    • Dress for your age but don’t fear colours and patterns
    • Stay away from drop crotch pants or anything too baggy – fitted is better and you won’t look like you’re trying too hard
    • Suits are your best friend whether it’s worn formally or pared down
    • Remember to always wear underwear (see below) – there are children around

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