Conor McGregor Lands Knockout Blow With Patek & ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ Combination

Proving the Canadian Tuxedo has a place in modern society.

Conor McGregor Lands Knockout Blow With Patek & ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ Combination

Never one to veer too far from the headlines, Irish MMA fighter and UFC poster boy Conor McGregor has again found himself in the DMARGE pages for his choice in clothing. We recently saw ‘The Notorious’ stand out in an all-matching flower-print tracksuit (an extension of the summer trend we’ve seen from the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Kevin Hart and LeBron James) and his latest outing has again seen him teaming his top to his bottom.

Posting an image to his Instagram account to promote his August McGregor clothing line, Conor rocked the notoriously tricky to master double denim ensemble along with a true-to-form Patek Philippe, this time the World Time Ref. 5231J worth a cool AU$170,000. An entirely new interpretation of the company’s world timer that was first introduced in the 1940s, this latest model boasts a familiar Cloisonné Enamel dial and a 38.5mm yellow gold case. It’s as beautiful a watch as you can expect from the Swiss manufacturer.

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But for now, we’re more focussed on the outfit. Looking more muscular than ever (thanks in no small part to his Mediterannean water-cycle escapades along with countless hours in the gym) – and more thug-like thanks to an all-over shave – the recently-retired fighter pulls off the double denim look, of denim jacket and denim jeans, with absolute ease.

That’s no easy task, as the Candian Tuxedo, as it is also known, was long-deemed a fashion faux pas of insurmountable proportions. It’s claimed the look was conceived in 1951 in a fancy hotel in Vancouver, Canada where one Bing Crosby attempted to check-in. Instead of wearing a more formal suit, Bing instead wore head to toe denim from Levi’s. The concierge initially refused him entry to the hotel because “he looked like a bum”. The situation was quickly resolved and Bing was allowed to stay.

Following the mishap, denim eventually broke away from its working-class shackles and became a prominent part of mainstream culture, with more and more denim manufacturers encouraging the wearing of double denim. However, unlike Conor’s look, it was (and to an extent, still is) encouraged for people to wear denim of different shades or colours, as opposed to going full matchy-matchy.

That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t, wear a denim jacket or shirt with matching jeans, but if you do, make sure you have a more focal piece to break them up, such as a brighter colour t-shirt. Or, in Conor’s case, a t-shirt with a large centrally-placed graphic.

His new look has garnered much praise, with comments such as “Dope asf”, “Details are something else” and “Proper Denim”.

Once again landing a knockout blow.

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