Conor McGregor ‘Quadzilla’ Photo Leaves The Internet Shook

'Conor Mclegor...'

Conor McGregor ‘Quadzilla’ Photo Leaves The Internet Shook

Image Credit: @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor has silenced his critics, who have been mocking him for his chicken legs, with an Instagram post that would put Robert Förstemann to shame.

The 33-year-old MMA fighter has been recovering from a brutal leg break in his July fight against Dustin Poirier last year. During the months he was unable to spar, Conor McGregor underwent a body transformation, leading some fans to joke he was coming back as a heavyweight.

Scott Reynolds, Fitness Director and Co-Founder of Combine Air told DMARGE McGregor’s transformation since July 2021 has been impressive, “to say the least,” adding that “his training has been limited while recovering from his injury.”

“His training since his injury would be a combination of strength training and healthy bulk eating. His only conditioning/fitness work would be on the bike at a lower intensity, therefore not generating too much calorie burn and holding more energy, which leads to the weight increase.”

Scott Reynolds

“His lower body has been impacted the most and is very noticeable with his muscle loss. Conor will only now just start to introduce light leg press, extension and curls, sled pushes, squats and deadlifts,” Reynolds told DMARGE in December.

“He has clearly focused on upper body strength. Movements like seated cable rows, bench press, military press and lat pulldowns. His weights would be heavy with rep ranges around 8-12 and sets of 4-5.”

Reynolds wasn’t alone in worrying about McGregor’s legs. Many Instagram users have taken great pleasure in reminding McGregor not to skip leg day, trolling McGregor for his posture (“why does he stand like that”) and mocking his pins.

“Don’t skip leg day.” Image via Instagram.

In another video, McGregor can be seen strutting outside, checking his reflection in the window of one of his cars, and then strutting back to his bench press set up, inspiring one Instagram user to quip: “no wonder he keeps losing he does 5 reps and walks around for 15 minutes.”


McGregor has (we reckon) just put to bed the claims his legs aren’t big enough though, with a post entitled: “hotdogs or legs,” showing off some of the beefiest bratwursts we’ve ever seen.

People still took this piss though, with comments like “Conor Mclegor” and “Titanium hot dogs” rolling in.

“Open up Instagram to an Irish man’s feet. Time to close it.”

It seems Conor really can’t win. The best way he has of silencing the haters would be to clinch a fight.

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