Conor McGregor Goes Training Wearing $90,000 Platinum Rolex Watch

Because no other Rolex will do.

Conor McGregor Goes Training Wearing $90,000 Platinum Rolex Watch

Wearing a fitness tracker or a smartwatch to the gym is perfectly acceptable behaviour, as they can monitor your heart rate and give you an overview of your current state of fitness. But when you’re one of the most famous men on the planet, not to mention obscenely wealthy, then you can pretty much wear whatever you damn well please.

That’s exactly the point of view former UFC Champion Conor McGregor took when he turned up at his gym for a sparring session, as instead of wearing something like an Apple Watch, the Irish MMA fighter decided to wear his platinum Rolex Day Date. Not exactly your regular gym gear.

McGregor’s particular Day Date is the platinum model with smooth ice blue dial (the ice blue colouring is a feature exclusive to platinum Rolex models), and is attached to the President bracelet. It also sports baton indices, as opposed to Roman numerals that can be found on another variation of the same model and can be yours for a smidge under AU$90,000. 

The Day Date first launched in 1956 and arrived as the very first watch to indicate the day of the week, spelt out in full. It runs on Rolex’s own 3255 calibre movement, which powers the entire Day Date family of timepieces, and comes complete with 70-hour power reserve.

It’s not a new purchase for McGregor, as he posted an image of it on his Twitter account way back in 2017, once again on his way to a sparring session. Clearly he likes it to be his partner of choice.

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