Conor McGregor Lives Large In Monaco Wearing The Perfect Monaco Watch

The perfect watch for the occasion.

Conor McGregor Lives Large In Monaco Wearing The Perfect Monaco Watch


The watch-loving, smack-talking Irish MMA legend was seen swanning about the Monaco Grand Prix wearing the ultimate Monaco (and ultimate motorsports) watch.

There’s nothing Conor McGregor loves more than an opportunity to show off how wealthy he is – and there’s no better place to flex than the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. Arguably the most glamorous sporting event in the world, it attracts the rich and famous (or those who want to be rich and famous) like flies to honey.

McGregor was in rare form over the race weekend, hanging out on his $5 million AUD Lamborghini yacht and flashing bottles of his own whisky, Proper No. Twelve, in front of the world’s paparazzi at any chance he got. He also brought at least three watches to the race, including his Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon and his Patek Philippe Nautilus.

But his coolest (and most appropriate) piece of wrist candy was the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 (ref. CAW211P.FC6356) he slipped on while attending a TAG Heuer-hosted dinner in the luxurious principality. All your watch crimes have been forgiven, Conor – this is a proper watch.

Images: TAG Heuer

Named after the Monaco Grand Prix and easily one of the most iconic watches of all time, the chunky square TAG Heuer Monaco is a watch that’s inextricably linked to motorsports history thanks to its appearance on the wrist of Steve McQueen in Le Mans (1971).

The world’s first square and waterproof chronograph, the Monaco has also been worn by myriad race car drivers over the years, including the reigning Formula 1 World Champion (who also won the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix), Max Verstappen.

McGregor’s Monaco is a modern homage to the original Heuer Monaco ref. 1133B from 1969, and boasts an aged blue opaline dial with a Heuer instead of a TAG Heuer logo as well as a crown on the left-hand side. Heuer added this design touch back in the day as a way of showing that the Monaco didn’t need to be manually hand-wound.

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Speaking of winding, it’s powered by the TAG Heuer Calibre 11, a modern automatic modular chronograph movement created as a tribute to the ground-breaking Heuer “Chronomatic” Calibre 11 of 1969. Unlike the original, this movement operates at 28,800 A/h (4 Hz) rather than the original’s 19,800 A/h, making it more precise.

The modern TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 is also twice as water-resistant as the OG Monaco, as it’s rated to 100m. It also features more modern trapezoidal chronograph pushers which sit flush in the case, which hints at its greater water resistance.