Conor McGregor Proves There’s Never An Excuse To Miss A Workout

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Conor McGregor Proves There’s Never An Excuse To Miss A Workout

Conor McGregor shattered fans’ hearts around the globe the other week when he shattered his leg in his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier.

Though he denied UFC diehards a decisive victory (stay posted: there’s almost sure to be a rematch) he has not, in the time since, denied fans his usual training content.

Given he just had surgery to repair his kicking pin, this is quite a remarkable feat. But – say what you like about his character or his recent form – you don’t get to the top of the MMA game by making excuses.

On Sunday McGregor showed The Internet what he’s made of, posting photos of an intense gym workout, completed with just one leg in operative mode.

Intrigued? Watch more of McGregor’s best workouts in the video below

“Life is not about what happens to us. But how we handle what happens to us!” McGregor captioned the photo series. “Let’s go team, God Bless.”

“Still grinding!”

“THATS WHAT MAKES YOU LEGENDARY,” comedian Justice Alexander wrote.

“The only thing within our control,” Bantamweight Fighter Brad Katona commented.

Further comments included “inspirational” and “Wow – dedication.”

“Hard work = success. ‌‌‌‌‌‌Let’s go champ.”

The images show McGregor sitting on the leg extension machine, doing pull-ups, shoulder pressing and doing cable pulls. He can also be seen doing crunches. All with a leg in a cast.

McGregor has also recently been seen hanging out with Justin Bieber, referring to himself in third person as “big foot” and taking delivery of a Lamborghini yacht.

All just another day in the life of Mystic Mac.

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