Covid Pregnancy: Crucial Advice Every Couple In Self Isolation Needs To Know

Quarantine and chill.

Covid Pregnancy: Crucial Advice Every Couple In Self Isolation Needs To Know

The supermarkets are sparse, public transport is (relatively) empty and you and bae are home with ‘nothing’ to do. Sexy, right? Wrong.

Before you go getting any ideas, a healthcare provider has taken to Reddit with a message that is now trending, and which could prove crucial to couples in this time of self-imposed isolation.

“I’m a healthcare provider and one thing many people aren’t thinking about is the added risk of an unplanned pregnancy during a pandemic. Many people on here have sex regularly relying only on birth control. Under normal circumstances the risk of failure is small and acceptable, since in a worst case scenario abortion is usually an option,” the post begins.

“However you SHOULD NOT assume that if you were to find out in a month that you’re pregnant, that you will have good options. Depending on how the virus spreads it’s very likely abortion clinics will be closed. Hospitals will be overwhelmed and treatment may not be available even for life-threatening complications,” the Redditor continues.

“Is all that guaranteed? No. But I strongly urge you to put up with the small inconvenience of condoms for a month or two in return for much greater safety. Yes: condoms break, but the chance of that and your birth control failing is vanishingly small.”

Even better is that you now get judged harder for buying toilet paper than condoms at the supermarket… In any case, other Reddit users were quick to add their two cents, with the top comment being, “My vasectomy is a blessing” and second from top being, “But 2034 ‘QuaranTEENS’ is such a missed opportunity.”

“We’re due in late April. I’m trying to manage my anxiety (and failing miserably).”

Other comments further down revealed how the current pandemic is affecting couples’ states of mind: “My wife is due in a month and we are trying hard not to be terrified” and the lengths couples with inbound children are going to in order to stay safe.

“Thanks. Pretty sure (for now) I’ll be able to be there, but no other visitors. Just sucks – my son (3) had a very specific vision (based on a book we’ve been reading) of coming with Grandpa to visit his little sister and bring her a teddy bear, and now there’s pretty much no shot at that happening and it may be much worse in a month.”

Whatever your scenario: we’d encourage you to be alert, but not alarmed, and to be as safe as you can with your ‘Quarantine and Chill’.

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