Tourist’s ‘Criminal’ Croissant Eating Hack Sparks Furious Debate In France

"That's a crime madam."

Tourist’s ‘Criminal’ Croissant Eating Hack Sparks Furious Debate In France

Watch Carolin Lauffenburger’s controversial croissant eating technique in the video below

If you want to eat your croissant like a true Parisian, you really need to be dipping it in hot chocolate or coffee. Or do you?

A recent video just brought this debate to life, posted to Instagram by fashion & beauty photographer @carolinlauffenburger (and reposted by blog @parisiansnobiety). The video shows Caroline, who is based in Berlin but who appears to spend a lot of time in Paris, eating her croissant the ‘true’ French way, and it shocked and disgusted some of her (and parisiansnobiety’s) Instagram followers.

The only issue? Technically, they are wrong and Caroline was right. Or at least, she was eating her croissant in true Paris fashion (some claim) – even if she was using a technique that might give soggy food haters anxiety.

The video was posted to Instagram by @parisiansnobiety, with the caption: “How do you eat your croissant?”. The video shows Caroline dipping her croissant, whole, into what looks to be a Cappucino, then taking a bite.

Many followers of the Parisian fashion and lifestyle blog thumbed their phones with outrage, writing such comments as “please don’t do that” and “that’s a crime madam.”

Image: Screenshot of Parisian Snobiety’s comment section, by DMARGE

Another commenter wrote: “What happened to breaking a piece with your hands.”

“Blasphemy,” another quipped. It didn’t end there. Further comments included: “Well…. Stop it, thank you” and “just tear a piece and then dip it… please…”

What the video really exposed, however, is the ignorance of some of the outraged followers. Why? Because when DMARGE contacted the administrators of Parisian Snobiety’s page we were told that dipping your croissant into your coffee is actually “the most famous way of eating it.”

“This is one of the many ways to eat a croissant in France,” @parisiansnobiety told DMARGE. “Just a little bit of history croissant didn’t come from France at all but Marie Antoinette brought it to France in 1770 as it’s her favourite Viennese pastry.”

“Today there’s no right or wrong way of eating a croissant BUT the most famous way of eating it is by dipping the croissant in hot chocolate or coffee.”

“You can either dip the entire croissant like the one on the video, Or you can pinch off the top tip of the croissant and try to dip the croissant by pieces in the coffee or drink of your choice. Next one that some parisians also do is to eat croissant with orange marmalade but personally I’m not a fan of that route.”

We were also told: “Never ever try hard to act French ’cause they will know. They can sense it from a mile away haha.”

Over on Caroline’s personal account some choice comments from French people included: “sacrilège” and “inadmissible sérieusemeeeent olalala” (amid others like: “Yes. Another pastry dipper”).

Another wrote: “Un français ne fait pas tremper les croissants 🥐 mais les tartines au beurre…” (a French person does not soak croissants, but toast in butter”).

Another wrote: “Heuuu nan tu le trempes pas dans ton caftar.”

The controversy continues…