Accidentally Transfers Australian Woman $10.5 Million Instead Of $100

Brb, moving to Panama... Accidentally Transfers Australian Woman $10.5 Million Instead Of $100

In the mistake of a lifetime, has accidentally sent an Australian woman millions of dollars, instead of a mere $100. Unfortunately for her, she now has to give it back.

One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges (they have partnered with the likes of Matt Damon),, f*cked up quite spectacularly, it has been revealed, sending a Melbourne woman $10.5 million instead of the $100 refund she was owed in May 2021.

According to The Herald Sun, it took many months to realise the mistake, which was discovered in a company audit just before Christmas.

The mistake allegedly occurred when the company accidentally entered an account number in the payment field instead of the $100 refund the woman was owed. went to the Supreme Court against the woman and her sister, who had allegedly been enjoying the money, to get their funds back.

The Cragieburn house the woman allegedly bought. Image via

When the crypto trading platform tried to recoup the money, however, they allegedly found it had already been spent on a a multi-million dollar mansion in Cragieburn.

A judge has now reportedly ruled the property must be sold, and ordered the remaining money to be sent back to

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