Daniel Craig Impregnates The Internet With Bootylicious Taika Waititi Directed TV Commercial

We're shook.

Daniel Craig Impregnates The Internet With Bootylicious Taika Waititi Directed TV Commercial

007, you’ve done it again. Daniel Craig’s latest collaboration with New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi has The Internet fawning, capturing that Friday feeling and featuring Daniel Craig “as himself” oh so well.

Daniel Craig, the man who has felt so right as James Bond ever since he shot his way (with a silenced pistol) onto our screens all those years ago in Casino Royale in 2006, has just appeared in a hilarious vodka television commercial directed by Taita Waititi.

Waititi took to Instagram to share the video with his 3.1 million followers, writing: “I loved collaborating on this with my sweetheart.” The video opens with Craig staring out over a river from a bridge, wearing a white suit.

WATCH: Daniel Craig stars in hilarious vodka ad

Dramatic music plays, before a media scrum tries to get its claws into him. Craig cheekily looks at the camera, before hopping into a black limo and stepping out the other side dressed in a black leather jacket and sunnies. He dances down the road, throws the sunnies away and then jigs his way into a hotel.

He then loses the jacket, rocking a Freddy Mercury-style singlet and hip thrusts his way upstairs in an elevator, while an old couple look uncomfortable in the background. He then finds himself on the rooftop, where the playful hip thrusting continues.

He then makes his way (this time back in his room) to a mirror looking kind of safe (or maybe it’s just a cupboard), while clicking his fingers in anticipation. He then swipes the lid off a bottle of Belvedere and pours himself a drink, and says “finally,” before taking a sip.

The Internet (well, the comment section under Waititi’s video, anyway) then lost its collective mind, with the likes of Karl Urban writing “amazing” and @misstipper writing “STOP ITTTTT” and “love this for your sweetheart.”

Actor/wrestler David Bautista, for his part, wrote, “F***ing amazing!” while another witty Instagram commenter quipped: “So the vodka turns the English spy into a Russian brawler. Actually… this happened to me on vodka.”

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