Benefits Of Dating In Paris vs. Everywhere Else, According To An Australian Woman

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Benefits Of Dating In Paris vs. Everywhere Else, According To An Australian Woman

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Paris is one of the most romantic cities on earth. From the wine and the cuisine to the quaint little hotels, it’s hard not to fall in love.

But is Paris really more romantic (as a place) than say, Sydney? Or are the French just better lovers?

To start your brain spinning with a little more traction on that question, allow us to shunt your attention towards the following video. Posted by Australian in Paris, @lili.debois, the video features Lili talking about the difference between dating in Australia vs. dating in France.

Watch it for yourself below.

To make the point, Lili presents a caricature of one’s weekend in Australia vs. France.

“What did you do this weekend?” she asks herself. “Ah well you know Friday night just went to my mate’s place and then on Saturday went to kick the footy with my mates then Saturday night went to the club with some mates yeah.”

That was the impression of an Australian weekend.

She then asks herself (this time pretending to be French), what she did this weekend. The answer? “Friday night we went to the museum of Picasso. Saturday we saw a band… a new band that played in La Villette… Saturday night we went to the cinema and Sunday lunch with my parents.”

The obvious takeaway? Dating in France feels more romantic because there are museums. But look a little closer and you might find that’s not France: that’s dating in a historic city. As @herbivorienneone, a follower of Lili, points out: that’s “dating in Paris.”

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Another video of Lili’s, which shows the soul being sucked out of Parisians upon their return to Paris after being in Marseille, perhaps suggests what Australians find romantic about Paris is not Paris. It’s exoticism – something new and different (and reputed as romantic).

Reddit is full of expats (of all sorts of nationalities) asking questions about Parisian dating culture, showing Australians are not alone in being a little bamboozled by the city of love.

In other words: the placebo effect.

What is more important, arguably, for your holistic wellbeing, is feeling embedded in the culture that you live in (unless you’re a psycho from a Camus novel). And that’s more than achievable, depending on the country you live in, by going to the footy.

Sport for thought.