David Beckham's Airport Style Will Put Your Finest Flying Pyjamas To Shame

Football's fly boy on point.

Well he’s not David Beckham for no reason. On his way back from Paris this week the football mega star was spotted at London’s St Pancras International rocking what could only be Beckham’s own version of ‘stained hoodie and sweatpants’.

In fashionista speak that means a slick green suede Harrington jacket paired with a white tee, brown suede pants and polished brown lace-ups. It’s what was in his hands that made it count though. In what is arguably one of the finest carry-on luggage combos going around, Becks rocked a hard shell case from Louis Vuitton alongside a soft leather holdall from Bottega Veneta.

Hiding on his wrist was also the latest Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G which debuted earlier this year at Baselworld  – a perfect accompaniment to the quintessential British hues.

And we can’t help but take a closer look at Beckham’s ultra sharp jacket which features a matching suede shoulder patch often found on British shooting jackets.

Whether he uses the jacket for shooting is irrelevant. It’s all in the details, baby.

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