David Beckham Spotted In Miami Wearing Stunning ‘Retro Cool’ Accessory

Hardly a Miami vice.

David Beckham Spotted In Miami Wearing Stunning ‘Retro Cool’ Accessory

Dressing well doesn’t have to be complicated.

Of course, it’s hard to look bad in a well-fitting suit with all the trimmings, but fashion is an art, not a science. Focusing on quality basics; adding some drama to an outfit with one or two key statement pieces or accessories; and most importantly, letting your inner confidence and personality shine through – that’s the secret to dressing well.

That’s why David Beckham is one of the most consistently stylish men on the planet. While the man’s wardrobe is pretty expansive – the 45-year-old football legend comfortable rocking everything from Peaky Blinders-esque old-school English vibes to going ‘full hypebeast’ in luxury casualwear – Beckham’s got his essentials down pat, and his sunny disposition means he can make anything work. That’s charisma, baby.

Take this classic look he was sporting in Miami whilst enjoying a coffee earlier this week: it’s really just a plain white t-shirt and a lowkey watch (probably a Tudor). The pièce de résistance, however, is his tastefully retro sunglasses, which perfectly frame his face and elevate an otherwise nondescript outfit to stratospheric levels. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, guys – a key accessory like a good pair of sunnies and a winning smile are all you need.

The sunglasses are actually from Beckham’s own brand, Eyewear by David Beckham (go figure). It’s truly a family outfit, with the Beckham patriarch enlisting the help of his eldest son Brooklyn to both star in as well as shoot the brand’s campaign photography.

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Celebrity brands’ products often end up being garish, overpriced and poorly made affairs, but Beckham’s specs are a refreshing exception. The Italian-made and designed range focuses on retro yet timeless designs – plenty of quality acetate and warm, versatile colours – and most styles retail for around 140 GBP (~250 AUD or 200 USD), which puts them in line with other popular brands like Persol or Ray-Ban.

In short, they’re classic pieces that can turn even everyday outfits into real stunners. Especially if you can bend it like Beckham.

Check out the range on Farfetch.

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