Chris Hemsworth Fronts Up In Fashion Every Man Can Score

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Chris Hemsworth Fronts Up In Fashion Every Man Can Score

Celebrity fashion collaborations are always exciting, but it’s often very hard for average fans to get their hands on pieces.

Take Serena William’s Off-White x Nike capsule collection: an exciting three-way collaboration, but thanks to hypebeasts, bots and resellers snapping everything up as soon as it dropped, real fans missed out, leading to ridiculous prices on the aftermarket. Speaking of ridiculous prices, what about Pharrell William’s collaboration with high-end watch brand Richard Mille? Even the most dedicated Pharrell fan would baulk at the timepiece’s exorbitant 3 million USD price tag.

Chris Hemsworth’s gone down a more accessible path, however. The 37-year-old Australian actor, fitness icon and all-around heartthrob has just been announced as German fashion house Hugo Boss’ new global ambassador – news that’s sure to be music to his fan’s ears.

Hugo Boss sits at this unique inflexion point within the world of men’s fashion: it’s a cut above the regular ‘designer’ brands that you’ll find in any department store from Melbourne to Madrid, but it’s also not so outrageously priced that the average guy can’t afford it. Unlike other brands, they don’t play silly buggers with their stock levels, either.

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Where other European fashion houses of its ilk have also pursued wilder and less practical aesthetics (we’re looking at you, Moschino), Hugo Boss has consistently championed an eminently wearable, restrained yet elegant aesthetic that focuses on quality construction and materials. Of course, when you’re the God of Thunder, you need your clothes to be as tough as you.

Check out Hugo Boss’ newest menswear arrivals here.

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