Justin Bieber's 'People's Jordans' Steal The Show At Latest Studio Session

Dunking on the competition.

Justin Bieber's 'People's Jordans' Steal The Show At Latest Studio Session

Image: Rory Kramer

When you’ve got a net worth of over 285 million USD like Justin Bieber does, even the most expensive designer sneakers become a trifle. A different pair of Balenciagas for every day of the week? Throw out your all-white Givenchys as soon as they get a little dirty? Anything is possible.

Thankfully, Bieber’s nowhere near that lavish. The 26-year-old Canadian popstar might have a taste for expensive custom cars and own a collection of solid gold watches but he’s far more grounded when it comes to the kind of footwear he likes to rock.

Indeed, some would say that he’s almost too lowkey: the man has an obsession with rubber clogs – “the footwear contraceptive for men“. But we’re not here to talk about Crocs today. Instead, we’d like to focus on some (actually stylish) shoes ‘The Biebs’ has been rocking recently that are not only highly fashionable but actually rather affordable.

Bieber shared a photo of himself hard at work in the studio in a simple white shirt + blue jeans outfit, spiced up with a pair of Nike SB Dunk Hi ‘Doraemon’ sneakers. This is style 101: dress simply so your sneakers stand out, and it works. Bieber’s footwear choice confirms something that sneakerheads have known for a while, too – namely, that Dunks are a consistently winning choice.

Superficially, Dunks resemble one of Nike’s most famous sneakers (especially the ‘Hi’ variants like Bieber’s): the Air Jordan Is. Both Jordan Is and Dunks enjoy similarly exalted places in the sneaker pantheon and are both eminently collectible, but they have one key difference. The retail price for a pair of Jordans starts at around 170 USD, whereas Dunks are more like 100 USD.

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Sure, aftermarket speculation often pushes the prices of both Dunks and Jordans into the stratosphere, making the retail price somewhat academic – but the fact still remains that Dunks are way cheaper. They’re arguably cooler, too, a real “if you know you know” sneaker. All in all, they’re a great choice for anyone looking to up their sneaker game. The ‘People’s Jordans’, if you will.

Bieber’s pair have been nicknamed the ‘Doraemons’ in reference to the wildly popular Japanese manga of the same name. If you want a pair, StockX is probably your best bet – but you can easily find other Dunks at Nike’s online store.

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