David Beckham & Son Show Off The Coolest Football Kit To Own In 2021

Back in black.

David Beckham & Son Show Off The Coolest Football Kit To Own In 2021

When it came time for Inter Miami to unveil their latest kit, they probably didn’t have to think twice about who’d they’d get to model it: David Beckham.

The 45-year-old football legend, who partially owns the club, has proven to be quite a hands-on owner, investing a huge amount of not only his money but his time, celebrity and energy into making the fledgling MLS team a success.

Enlisting Beckham as a model must have been a no-brainer – and he’s turned out to be a package deal. He brought his second-eldest son, 18-year-old Romeo, along for the ride. Father and son looked crisp and at ease in Inter Miami’s dapper-looking kit, with Romeo getting the honour of debuting the team’s 2021/2022 jersey: a subtly patterned black number that might just be the coolest colours not only in the MLS but in the entire football world. Big call, we know.

The 2021/2022 “La Palma” jersey is a stark, bold black: a negative of the team’s inaugural white kit. Unlike that kit, which was purely monochromatic, the “La Palma” jersey’s black is complemented by pink highlights: a playful twist. But it’s not just blocked colour: the jersey features a subtle palm pattern throughout, which the club describes as “a symbol of unity, triumph, longevity, victory, royalty and honour.”

It’s a unique design choice that sets Inter Miami’s kit apart from the rest of the MLS, whose teams have long been criticised by football fans as having uninspired, corporate designs. That said, not all MLS teams’ 2021/2022 kits are snorefests: league champions Philadelphia Union’s new look – which features a lightning-bolt graphic plus a unique sky blue and yellow colour scheme – is pretty wild.

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Things haven’t been easy for Inter Miami, perhaps unsurprisingly. Having your inaugural season in 2020, a year marred by the COVID-19 crisis, economic woes and political tension, would be tough for any club. As it stands, Inter Miami ended the 2020 MLS season 19th out of 26th on the ladder. Still, if you can survive that baptism of fire, you can survive anything.

Especially when you look that cool.

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