David & Victoria Beckham Go Head-To-Head In Fitness Challenge

Making fitness fun.

David & Victoria Beckham Go Head-To-Head In Fitness Challenge

David Beckham recently challenged his wife Victoria to a reaction training game…whilst planking, to see who has the best mental and physical strength.

It’s no secret that David Beckham remains an incredibly fit man, even as he approaches his 50th birthday (just take a look at his very own F45 workout he developed for the popular fitness chain). But his latest bout of training not only tests his physical strength but also his mental strength and the strength of his relationship with his wife Victoria, all in one fell swoop.

Taking to Instagram, David and his wife Victoria can be seen holding a plank with four buttons on the floor between them. These buttons are reaction training buttons – the kind you would normally see installed into a wall and often used by Formula 1 drivers – and the task at hand is to press the button that lights up in your colour. In this case, David takes the red buttons and Victoria, the blue. David’s personal trainer, Bobby Rich, oversees the proceedings whilst daughter, Harper Seven, is on video recording duties.

The husband and wife duo battle against each other for a solid 30 seconds before a winner is declared and, considering he would’ve spent a greater deal of his career with his reaction timing on point, David is declared victorious, with the final score being 61 to David and 48 to Victoria.

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Of course, to get a high score during a regular reaction training test is not exactly a walk in the park, but to add a plank into the mix only serves to increase the difficulty. By having to use a hand to press the buttons, David and Victoria are effectively performing plank tap outs.

A plank tap out is a variation of a regular plank that engages your core muscles far greater, because when you remove a hand from the floor, your core needs to be able to keep your body stable. It also places greater stress on the shoulder of whichever arm is still touching the ground, so helps to increase shoulder strength at the same time.

So, while David may have proven his mental and physical strength bests that of his wife, let’s just hope she takes losing with dignity.

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