How To Get David Gandy's Style; The Best Dressed Man In London

More than a model, idiot.

How To Get David Gandy's Style; The Best Dressed Man In London

Ever wondered how to get David Gandy style? People still talk of that David Gandy summer campaign back in 2007; boat-stranded for Dolce and Gabanna in nothing more than tighty-whites and vicious abs that could cut a diamond in two. The thirty-something British lad made ‘strong the new thin’ on the men’s runway circuit back in 2009, before proving he’s got a business head atop that bod – launching his own loungewear line with UK retailer, M&S.

Today, as a fashion commentator, he’s front row at all the London shows, taking notes to bulk up his very own style app. Outside, find him decked-out in suit and waistcoat attire, as Gandy plays accidental fashion muse for the best style photographers around the world in 2019.

Read on for how to achieve David Gandy style and fashion.

Breaking It Down: David Gandy Style

Gandy is a self-confessed luxury addict. He has a taste for fast cars (the Jaguar XK-SS he only bought recently) and expensive watches (Omega, please). And the supermodel/fashion fiend likes to end a busy day with a nip of Johnny Walker Blue Label whisky – always, on the rocks. Always classically styled, Gandy is less thematic compared to David Beckham and Ryan Gosling, and works a few key looks only. A fan of tweed and Prince of Wales print, he likes to mix concepts, incorporating his fetish for furniture and interior design into his suits – making them textured and good enough to live in.  He does t-shirt simplicity on par with James Dean, but his could-be-Italian looks are made even more dolce by his trademark blazer-over-tee. And for Gandy, it’s all about the fit; his clothing looks like it was specially made, just for him.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Front row at London Collections: Men is a common perch for this style peacock. But unlike the show-off bird, Gandy prefers different shades of grey to smoke-up his fashion week look. His olive complexion suits a pastel grey which he throws into a shawl collar cardigan. Ties go mid-grey tie above taupe trousers for the third and final piece of this grey ménage à trois.

The Dirty Thirties

Double-breasted suits, with matching waistcoats and fur wool trilby hats see Gandy channel the retro gangster from America in the 1930s. Outdoing Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies display, Gandy is rarely seen at a red carpet event without a three-piece suit favouring navy, black and grey as solid, classic takes on the vintage suit.

The other key Thirties look involves the pork pie cap and brown leather jacket, inspired by golf’s surging popularity at the time, as well as aviation. Gandy modernises the nostalgia via a more slim-fit suit and a cropped version of the leather jacket, almost Fifties biker shaped.

Checked, Mate

From window-pane to cubic, the check is Gandy’s premier print. By choosing navy and light greys, the boxy patterns speak loudly but their simple lines and repetitive squares are less confrontational than, say a total paisley or argyle design. Gandy pioneered the window-pane check back into fashion in 2013, after it lost touch with modern gents who saw it as too casual.

But Gandy’s choice of three-piece suit with waistcoat are perfect for window panes – the ultra formality of the three-piece being balanced out by the laid-back squares. Meanwhile, Gandy is a fan of working the check as a blazer in pastel grey. It is smart casual dressed down in light denim and polka-dot tie.

Mr. Understated

It’s all or nothing when you’re trying to achieve David Gandy style. When not suited and booted, the understated white crisp t-shirt sits cosy under a relaxed blazer or leather jacket – nothing more, nothing less. Gandy loves the warmer weather, seen in the cream jacket and navy blue trousers combinations he dons, worn with large wayfarer sunglasses. He is big on unstructured coats with classic blue wash jeans or monochrome – leather jacket, tee and denim following the all-over black.

Essential David Gandy Style Items

Gandy’s extravagant suit play means white is his preferred button-shirt. London’s brother trio, Thomas Pink, are Gandy’s personal shirt providers, bespoke – just like his suits. White and black monochrome tees are staples too, sporting the basic essentials from the Autograph range he designed with M&S.

A lover of vintage styles, the brown leather Dolce and Gabanna jacket is perfect for recreating Gandy cruising. Something more extraordinary is the Steve McQueen-look quilted leather by The Bowery. Sports coats over tees are best in linen such as Ralph Lauren or a cashmere, double-breasted coat by Canali.

Gandy only wears custom-made suits. With all the time he spends in London, you can find him in the studio of Thom Sweeney.

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Yves Saint Laurent’s Long chunky-knit wool belted cardigan is a staple for Gandy and gives him room to mix things up, dropping the blazer for knitwear-luxe.

Gandy believes the age-old saying: “you can always tell a man by his shoes”. Not a snob, he mixes high-end labels with quality brands at a mid-luxe price. For luxury, it’s Gucci or Russell & Bromley for their brown brogues or shearling boots. United Colours of Benetton are a more affordable option and Gandy opts for the suede biker boots.

Gandy rarely wears a blazer or suit coat without a pocket square. More of a scrunch-er, as opposed to a folder, the model casually shoves the cloth into the jacket, peaking cheekily over the pocket’s edge. He carries the dapper man essentials in his Jas M.B. Traveller bag or Coach’s Bleeker Legacy leather weekend tote.

Swapping between raw wash and classic blue, Diesel is Gandy’s go-to denim. Pick from Diesel’s Larkee model or rock it up a bit with brother denim brand, Diesel Gold.

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