Take A Sneak Peek At Delta's New Boeing 777-200 Business Class Cabin

Feast your eyes.

Take A Sneak Peek At Delta's New Boeing 777-200 Business Class Cabin

You know when you plan on debuting a different hairstyle, but chicken out every time you sit down in the barbers chair? Delta doesn’t have that problem. In fact, as of last Friday, the American carrier’s plan to retrofit its Boeing 777-200 range with spankin’ new cabin interiors has quit trundling along the runway and taken off.

The airline unveiled the first of its face-lifted jets in Atlanta late last week, in the form of a 777-200 that Delta expects to return to service on the 2nd of July. Initially, it will fly between Detroit and Beijing, before taking on another route.

Delta has stated that all of its 777 widebodies (eight 777-200ER variants and 10 777LRs) will be updated with a new cabin interior by the end of 2019. The new design includes Delta One Suites and a new international-style premium economy. While many predicted the carrier’s 777 overhaul to resemble the A350’s 10-abreast economy layout, luckily for claustrophobes, it has stuck to the trusty 3-3-3 configuration.

There will be 28 business-class seats—premium, closing-door suites—in retrofitted jets. Although (or perhaps, because) these Delta One Suites are a highly sought after improvement from the current business-class option on the 777, there will be fewer seats in that cabin (before the retrofit, Delta’s 777s had 37 business-class seats).

If you lack the cash for a suave suite, Premium Select isn’t a bad option either, which has been installed in a 2-4-2 arrangement.

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