Diplo Gives 250 Delta Passengers Free Drinks Vouchers


Diplo Gives 250 Delta Passengers Free Drinks Vouchers

American DJ and frequent flyer Diplo recently realised he had 250 Delta drink vouchers that were about to expire. So he gave them to his assistant and told him to hand them all out at the airport and post proof of what happened on Instagram.

If you stopped clubbing in 2015, you may no longer be up to date with the current antics of Diplo. But, for those of you asking “Where are you now?” (or “where is he now?”), rest assured he is still blowing minds not only on decks but also in airport lounges. That’s right: after realizing he had 250 drink vouchers whose expiration date was about to curdle, Diplo thoughtfully decided to get his assistant to hand them all out in an airport so that people could make the most of them.

WATCH: Diplo gives out 250 Delta drinks vouchers

Diplo’s assistant then sent proof that he completed the task to Diplo, who then shared the footage to Instagram, where some 78.4k people have liked it (and many more have watched it). In the video, his assistant hands out the drink vouchers at the airport, with Diplo claiming in his video: “I think he spent about 2 hours there lol.”

After handing out a bunch he then put the last 100 of them by the TSA entrance, the video claimed. Talk about community service. Diplo’s followers on social media were very impressed, with one commenting: “Love to see it! Flying requires a drink or two!” and another writing: “Diplo for president.”

Other remarks included: “charitable king” and “Delta’s stock just went up.” This isn’t the only video Diplo has on his account where he provides random acts of charity. In another clip he can be seen using his celebrity Chipotle card to pay for 100 people behind him.

A class act indeed.