‘Ideas, Conversations & Revelations’: This Is DMARGE House

Our first Sydney reader event will be a game-changer for Australian men.

‘Ideas, Conversations & Revelations’: This Is DMARGE House

For over a decade, DMARGE has worked with some of Australia’s most interesting minds across business, fashion, fitness and finance.

DMARGE House is an opportunity to bring some of these people together to explore the ideas, conversations and revelations that are influencing Australian men in 2022 and beyond.

The concept behind DMARGE House is to give Australians the chance to meet face to face with some of the country’s most interesting people to share their insights into all areas of our lives. Think a TED Talk but actually fun. From keeping mentally fit to little-known travel hacks or how to cook the best steak anyone’s ever tasted, it’s a day you won’t forget and information you won’t get anywhere else.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet, learn from and network with some of Australia’s most interesting people, as well as the chance to explore some of the world’s top brands.

Ovolo Hotel Wooloomooloo is situated in a heritage-listed former wharf that has been restored and turned into one of The Harbour City’s most interesting and exclusive venues.

DMARGE House is a truly unique event that we’re incredibly proud to be hosting in Sydney for one day only, on October 5th. Hosted at Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo, one of Australia’s most exclusive venues, DMARGE House will be an elevated experience that’s unlike anything any other men’s publisher has done locally.

In addition to the incredible speaker lineup, guests will be hosted by IWC Schaffhausen and Bushmills Irish Whiskey. IWC Schaffhausen will be hosting watchmaking classes, offering an exclusive look into how some of Switzerland’s most high-tech watches are created. Guests are welcome to relax in the VIP lounge and enjoy the exclusive Bushmills Bar where they can try a complimentary range of single malt whiskeys and cocktails – and take part in whiskey masterclasses.

Key themes for the day will include: 

  • Flying first class for free
  • Investing in the current economic climate
  • The future of crypto in Australia
  • Successfully exiting startups 
  • How menswear has evolved in Australia
  • Upcycling and sustainability in product design 
  • Kickstarting your art collection
  • Building mental resilience

“DMARGE House is a chance to learn things you never knew about Australian men.”

Luc Wiesman, DMARGE Founder & Director
Discover the mechanical artistry behind IWC Schaffhausen’s impressive luxury watches at DMARGE HOUSE’s exclusive watchmaking classes.
DMARGE House guests will have the chance to sample a wide range of delicious cocktails created with Bushmills, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious whiskey distilleries.

DMARGE’s point of difference has always been our network of experts and innovators who we work with to create the most interesting, relevant and up-to-date content for Australian men. Our DMARGE House speakers are all experts in their fields: engaging, disruptive and most importantly, worth listening to.

Speakers for DMARGE House 2022 include: 

DMARGE HOUSE tickets for October 5th are on sale now – buy your tickets here.