Dolph Lundgren’s Latest Relationship Sparks Age-Old Debate

From the boxing ring to the engagement ring.

Dolph Lundgren’s Latest Relationship Sparks Age-Old Debate

Society gives us various ‘rules’ we all feel we should follow. We all need to be slim and have perfect hair and teeth to be deemed ‘attractive.’ Oh and we need to buy a house, have children and have a well-paying career in order to be seen as ‘successful.’ With regards to heterosexual relationships, the man should be older than the woman, but not by much.

If there is a large age gap between a couple, others are quick to judge and pass comment. But why?

We’ve seen before in the case of Brad Pitt, who back in August was dating German model 27-year-old Nicole Poturalski, 29-years his junior. This seemingly happy relationship sparked outrage from the public, with many quickly assuming Nicole was only with Brad for his money and fame, because, what would a 27-year-old and a 56-year-old have in common?

Fast forward to today, and similar comments are now being directed towards actor and Rocky IV star, Dolph Lundgren. The Swedish actor, who is 64, was recently spotted touching down in Greece – where he is set to reprise his role in the action series of movies The Expendables – alongside his 24-year-old fiancée, Norwegian fitness expert Emma Krokdal.

Dolph and Emma became engaged on 29 June 2020, so considering they’re still engaged, by Hollywood standards, we’d call it a success and a genuine relationship. Dolph is quoted as saying to Muscle & Health:

“They say youth is wasted on the young and whilst that’s not true for everybody – like Emma – it is true for me because I matured very late.”

“I feel very lucky that I have someone like Emma at this age, it’s changed my life and I hope I can give her the kind of help and support that takes a lot of time to discover and amass. I would say that right now I’m the most balanced as an individual I’ve ever been.”

Regardless of his words, his relationship has been met with much criticism, with many people unable to fathom how it is possibly genuine.

Comments left in the comments section beneath The Daily Mail‘s reporting of Dolph and Emma’s arrival in Greece include: “40 yr age gap disgusting.”

“He’s practically old enough to be her grandfather FFS.”

Another comment was: “He must think of himself, as so attractive to young women. He thinks she is there because of his good looks and sparkling personality. Wrong she is there for your dosh and any freebies going. Yuk imagine being that young and sleeping with somebody as old as your grandad. Spew spew.”

As we said in our reporting of Brad Pitt’s relationship in 2020, it has been proven several times that men can successfully date women older than them, and in these cases, the guy may even be praised for landing himself a “cougar.” Yet, when an older man dates a much younger woman, society is quick to scoff, and a debate inevitably starts. Some argue that so long as both partners are consenting adults, anything goes. Others say big age gaps are still weird.

Some women are perfectly happy to date men much older than them. In the case of Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi, for example, he had a child with his partner who is 27-years his junior, at the age of 52, suggesting that it is possible for couples with age gaps that larger than what our culture would deem ‘normal’ to exist in (seeming) harmony.

Yet more fuel to add to the fire of the age-old debate.