Gianluca Vacchi’s Testosterone-Boosting Technique

Big Gianluca Vacchi enegry.

Gianluca Vacchi’s Testosterone-Boosting Technique

Endless think-pieces have been penned about the ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’ and its health benefits. The jury’s still out on that one because we’ve been smashing back pizza, pasta and Aperol Spritzes for years and we’re yet to transform into Italian Stallions.

Gianluca Vacchi tells the opposite story. The 52-year-old Italian DJ, entrepreneur and social media star has a build (and lifestyle) most young men would be envious of. Famous for his extravagant lifestyle, viral dance routines and pulling chicks half his age, Vacchi is truly larger than life.

One of his most distinctive features is his tattoo-covered, muscular body – one Gianluca’s not afraid to show off. The millionaire playboy says he works out for an hour every day, and often shares his workout routines with his 16.3 million Instagram followers.

Vacchi’s latest health tip? If you want to stay young, you need testosterone. And to boost your testosterone levels, you need to work legs, he claims.

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Is Gianluca Vacchi a qualified health scientist? We don’t think so, but it’s pretty hard to argue with his results. Being able to jump 1.05m boxes so effortlessly is legitimately impressive: if his hair wasn’t grey, you’d easily be fooled into thinking he’s a much younger man.

It’s a common adage that you ‘shouldn’t skip leg day’. Training legs is essential to a balanced physique and keeping fat off, Gymshark relates. It’s also important for maintaining agility, dexterity and functionality – plus no-one likes weedy pins.

Salute, Vacchi!

Watch how to get ripped like Gianluca Vacchi below

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