Italian Playboy Gianluca Vacchi's New Tattoo Takes Narcissism To A New Level

You got what now on your back?

We all know (and love) the Italian mega millionaire, Gianluca Vacchi. The endless stream of Instagram posts that show off his lavish lifestyle, woman, yachts and now DJing gigs around the world are a constant source of entertainment.

When you’re worth $450 million you’re going to do things differently, so differently in-fact that his next tattoo is of none other than himself.

Yes, you heard right. Gianluca’s new tattoo across his back is a portrait of himself doing the ‘shh’ gesture. His latest Instagram post showed off the art with this very straight explanation.

When people talk inappropriately, they would do better investing that time on them and not in stupid criticism…this has always been the story of my life, but at the end unnecessary criticism has always had to stay quiet and shut the fuck up….enjoy, we just have one life

Will his new tattoo be enough to hush those criticising the millionaire / playboy / author / dancer / DJ? Unlikely, it’s probably like throwing jet-fuel on a fire. Regardless we’re happy to watch The People vs. Gianluca Vacchi show continue.

For the sake of our enjoyment, we hope Gianluca never changes. Amen.

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