This 3-Move Dumbbell Workout Will Destroy Your Entire Body

Not for the faint hearted.

This 3-Move Dumbbell Workout Will Destroy Your Entire Body

Getting fit and building muscle is never easy. You’ve got to build yourself an intense workout program and make sure you’re also doing the work in the kitchen, consuming the right foods that will fuel your body to help it grow. With regards to the workout program, it’s always good to switch things up every now and then to keep the muscles on their toes, so to speak, to help you avoid the dreaded plateau.

Supersets are a fantastic way to help build muscle faster. Not only do they reduce the time you spend in the gym since they see you having to perform one exercise right after the other, but they also cause you to effectively overload the muscle, because of the lack of rest. And this dumbbell superset from former dua-athlete Paul Sklar is guaranteed to destroy your body.

Perhaps not a superset in the strictest sense, since they usually relate to you performing two separate exercises one after the other, Paul’s workout requires you to complete three movements back to back, to complete one rep.

It looks relatively simple, but we can say with certainty it will be anything but.

Check out Paul Sklar’s brutal three-move dumbbell workout in the video below

The three movements include a bicep curl, a lunge (both forward and reverse) and an overhead press. Combine these together, and you not only have a serious arm burner but a full-body workout, since you’re activating your legs and core, too.

Claiming it to be one of his favourite full-body dumbbell combos, Paul’s workout requires you to do the following:

  • Start in a standing position and perform a forward lunge (you can start with your right leg forward) Once in the lunge position, perform a dumbbell bicep curl, ensuring your bring the dumbbells up to meet your shoulders. 
  • Return to the standing position and perform another bicep curl. Be sure to keep your palms facing forward the entire time, as Paul says this “increase[s] the time under tension on the biceps.”
  • After you’ve complete the bicep curl, go straight into performing an overhead press, i.e. don’t extend your arms before performing the press. Again, you want to twist your wrists to that your palms contiunue to face forward.
  • Following the press, return your arms to their starting position (palms facing forward) and perform a reverse lunge (using the same leg that you put forward for the forward lunge), and complete another bicep curl.
  • Return to the starting standing position, perform another bicep curl with overhead press. 
  • Now, repeat these steps but use the opposite leg to move forward and back for the forward and reverse lunge. 
  • Once you’ve performed all movements on both sides of the body, you have completed one rep. Paul says the entire sequence should take you around 60-seconds. 

The fact Paul looks physically drained at the end of the sequence should be enough evidence that this is not an easy workout to complete. Take some rest once you’ve completed one full walkthrough of the combo, before repeating.

Paul says this combo is a great full-body burner, because the lunge movement “destabilises the body, making the contraction of the biceps even more intense.”

He adds in the comments on the TIkTok video that he performed a warm-up set “with 30lb [dumbbells] before going into the main sets with 40s,” so we’d advise you too to perform a warm-up set before you start putting your body through hell.

He further adds that you’re free to perform the sequence using kettlebells if you wish, but if you experience any lower back pain, then you “should definitely not attempt.”

Those gains won’t make themselves. Good luck.