EasyJet Cabin Crew Open Door On ‘Mile-High’ Flyers As Plane Erupts With Laughter

Looks like a tight squeeze.

EasyJet Cabin Crew Open Door On ‘Mile-High’ Flyers As Plane Erupts With Laughter

Image: @VideosIrish

EasyJet passengers were in for a surprise when two daring individuals ventured into one of the airline’s lavatories together, attempting to join the infamous ‘Mile High Club’.

People get up to all sorts of antics on commercial flights — take the man who urinated all over business class and the prophetic Chinese ‘time traveller’ as prime examples — but few rituals are as infamous as the legendary ‘Mile High Club’.

This week, video footage emerged from an Easyjet flight over Europe, showing cabin crew in an amusing predicament: passengers jeered at them in the hopes that they would open the lavatory door to reveal two loved-up passengers hiding inside. After much indecision, they finally obliged…

WATCH: The brazen couple caught in the act.

As the lavatory door swung open, it revealed two passengers in the midst of their daring and somewhat unhygienic act. Realizing they had been exposed to the entire cabin, the passengers hastily closed the door to carry on while the rest of the passengers erupted in laughter. Some even pulled out their smartphones to immortalise the moment, which now has well over 10,000 likes on Twitter.

While our friends at View From The Wing point out that the exact flight on which the incident occurred remains unknown, it’s widely understood that low-cost carriers like easyJet can sometimes become lively and boisterous affairs, especially when alcohol is involved.

While joining the exclusive Mile High Club isn’t an everyday occurrence, it’s not an exceptionally rare thing either, with stories about many a famous face indulging in the act surfacing as a result of this video’s viral fame: Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee, and even a Victoria’s Secret model have all boasted of it.

A Pro-Tip For Your Next Flight

One interesting twist in the tale is the fact that joining the Mile High Club on a narrowbody aircraft with “space saver” style lavatories can be quite challenging due to the limited space available. For anyone considering making a go of it, we have a pro tip that might make things a little more straightforward…

The airline’s aircraft typically feature two lavatories near the rear galley, both of which are significantly smaller than the one located at the front of the plane. So, if you’re considering joining the Mile High Club, you might want to aim for the more spacious lavatory at the front…

One interesting fact I’ve learned thanks to this video’s moment in the spotlight is that ‘mile-high’ antics date back almost as far as flying itself:

With the first recorded incident taking place way back in 1916 when Lawrence Sperry crashed his aircraft while enjoying an amorous moment wth a love interest, these embarrassed Easyjet flyers can take solace in the fact that they’re not the first to endure this humiliation and certainly won’t be the last…