Always Eat This Food On A Long Haul Flight, If You Want To Stay Fresh

"It just works."

Always Eat This Food On A Long Haul Flight, If You Want To Stay Fresh

Image Credit: The Luxury Travel Expert

We all know ginger ale is an essential beverage to sip on during a flight (or if you don’t, you should). But did you know there is a food that can keep you feeling super fresh too? One that one flight attendant swears by.

Introducing: Robine Blickman. Robine is a flight attendant with a large TikTok following. During lockdown she posted a helpful video “for all our future travels” giving her 27.2k followers advice on how to stay more healthy while they travel.

“Today I’m going to share with you my top flight attendant tips to not feel as bloated as normal after a flight because let’s be honest, we all hate that feeling,” she said.

“Morning of the flight – hot water and lemon.” That was her first tip. So far so normal. But then things start to get weird.

Her next tip is to eat artichoke. Robine says she has them in tea form as well as pill form. She says: “It works so good.”

“I take it before my flight, during my flight, it doesn’t matter, it just works.”

Robine Blickman
Image Credit: Herbalcores reports that “there is some science” behind Ms Blickman’s claim.

“Artichokes are a great source of fibre and can help with digestion,” the news outlet wrote.

Finally, Robine’s third tip is to drink celery juice mixed up with cucumber and lemon, and to “try to hold back on the coke and the juices; believe me they are the worst.”

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